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عباره عن موقع الكتروني يوفر بيئة تعلم افتراضيه فيها خدمات تعليميه وتدريبيه تعتمد على التدريب المباشر بين الطالب و المعلم او المدرب والمتدرب بإستخدام احدث ادوات التكنلوجيا في العصر الحديث. Etadrees اي تدريس

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مبارك عليكم الشهر ورمضان كريم


مبارك عليكم الشهر الفضيل وكل عام والجميع بالف خير ان شاءالله

حوار د. مجدي المليجي

كلامه كله يعور القلب.  وحرك فيني جذوة النشر والترجمة والتاليف.    وخصوصا  ترجمة الكتب العلمية.

  متخصص مرتين.  وبدأ الترجمة بعد سن الستين.  عفيه عليه
اربعه ماجستير

Kuwaitiful A New ‘Learn Kuwaiti’ Book

learn kuwaiti book canadiThe author of this book just sent me an email to check his book out. I’ve previously reviewed a How to Learn Kuwaiti book before. This one however I haven’t yet, it has 112 pages, is available on amazon and Jarir bookstore. I might grab one for review sometime later.

Here’s what the description on Amazon says about the book:

“This book gives the reader a fundamental understanding of the Kuwaiti dialect. The first part of the book contains some very essential grammar points. The second part of the book contains some vocabulary with example sentences. The last part of the book contains dialogues. All examples are written in English, Transliteration, and Arabic script.”

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2:48AM – Everything Kuwait The Kuwait National Library


Yesterday I had a meeting at the Kuwait National Library and to kill time before the meeting I wandered off into the small English books section and started checking out the books. I was pretty surprised that the majority of the English books were really old but then I found the advertising section and I knew I hit jackpot.

Right away I noticed, these weren’t just any ordinary advertising books, these were vintage advertising books from the 40s and the 50s! These are the books Don Draper would have on his bookshelf on the TV show Mad Men. I found an empty shelf and started collecting the books I liked and lining them up next to each other. In the end these were my favorite books that I found:


How to Build Modern Furniture (1957)
Five Hundred Years of Printing (1959)
The Watch Repairer’s Manual (1949)
Advertising – a guide for business man and student (1947)
Advertising and Psychology (1954)
The Technique of Advertising (1940)
Successful Television and Radio Advertising (1959)
Advertising (1953)
International Handbook of Advertising (1964)
Colour in Advertising (1956)

I thought they were all very fascinating so once my meeting was done I headed to the main office to sign up for a library card so I could check them out. Thats where I got an even bigger surprise, turns out the library isn’t open yet and is actually opening in two weeks and even once it’s open they won’t allow anyone to check out the books, you can only read them in the library.

I left the library in love with it but at the same time a bit confused.

If they’re not open yet, why are all the English books so old?
Where did they even get these books from?
and WTF?


But then it hit me, this is the perfect library. Other than the fact that old books are fascinating, by having all these old books, its as if the library has been around for 50 years instead of just opening now. You’re also not going to find these books on the Kindle so thats another reason to visit the library. Smart move. Once the library is open in two weeks I would definitely recommend you pass by. The library is pretty big and I’m not sure if there was another larger English section but even if there wasn’t, the small section is interesting enough to check out.

The library is located right next to the National Museum on the Gulf Road and here it is on [Google Maps]

PS: If anyone from the library is reading this, please PLEASE remove the horrible window sticker on your building and install a proper sign instead.]

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