Personal Information

-          Name: Mohammad Ali AL-Bahrani

-          Nationality: Kuwaiti

-          Date of Birth: 27/2/1973

-          Email:

-          Blog:

-          Socially: Married and Father of 4 kids.

Educational state:

-          Master degree in Library and Information Science, Kuwait university, 2010

-          B.A. in Business Administration -Marketing (major) , College of Commerce, Economics and Political Science , Kuwait University. (September 1992 – June 1996) GPA 2.82

-          TOEFL test grade 560.

Working conditions:

-          Working in the Ministry of communication since June 1992

-          4 years as clerk in the postal service

-          Head of advertisement & promotion Section in the Marketing Department 1997-2003

-          Head of advertisement & promotion Section, Public Relation Department 2003-

Published works:

-          Writer in AL-Qabas newspaper specialized in technology and computer related articles 2000-2004

-          Writer in Ministry of Communication Magazine, Several articles about communication

-          Writer local technology magazine “Kuwaitnet”

-          Kuwait international calling card collection. 1998 – MOC

-          Kuwait international calling card collection 2001 – MOC

Other Activities:

-          Participated in several info/Connect fairs at Kuwait International Fair, As Head and part of the Ministry of Communication Team

-          Organizer of Ministry of Communication team at “Youm al Shaheed”, 2001 at the flag Square.

-          Organizer of Ministry of Communication stand fair at “AL-Qurain Museum – in memory of the invasion” Located in shuaikh.

-          Manager of “Bahrani Computer Systems”. A Computer Company with 2 branches in Kuwait

-          Participated in Romanian postal stamps expedition in 2008 as part of Kuwait official team in Bucharest, 2008

-          Part of the organizing volunteers team in organizing SLA-AGC 10th Annual Conference in Kuwait

-          Designed several internet sites, forums and Blogs over the years since 1996.

-          Founder and owner of blog. Web site blog dedicated to the study of Library and Information Science in Kuwait since 2007, in English.


-          One hour radio interview with Abdul-Azeez AL-Haddad in the show “Radio-Net” 2002.

13 Responses to “CV”

  1. Ehab Says:

    ASalam alikom wb
    Dear Mohamed..
    Mashallah its really an amazing blog..hope u go forward..

  2. mbahrani Says:

    Thank you Ehab. hope to see you here more. and im glad that you enjoy our blog.

  3. FOFO Says:

    Hi there, it’s a nice CV really.

    Have u all the best



  4. mbahrani Says:

    Thank you FOFO for the visit and the comment.

  5. salman tareen Says:

    ur literature review helps me alot also CV thanks

  6. Benson Lucas Albert Says:


    We are a recruiting agency based in UK, WE HAVE SEEN YOUR PROFILER

  7. Benson Lucas Albert Says:


    we have sen your profile and are giving you the chance to send in your cv for review.

    hope we will have it soon


  8. عطوفةالدكتور محمد علي البحراني المحترم .
    تحية طيبة تليق بالمكرمين تقديراوتبجيلا ابعثهما الى سماحتكم الموقرةواعتزاز بمكانتكم السامية وعملكم الغزير في نشر النور والهدى و المعرفة لديننا الاسلامي ،هذاالخطاب سائلاعن احوالكم و صحتكم وارجو ان تكونوا في لباس خير وعافية.
    فانا شاب وطالب العلم من جمهوية غانا ،انهيت المرحلةالثانوية و حصلت على الشهادة بتقدير ممتاز .ولاني اتشرف بزيارةموقعكم النيرة،وانني لارجوا من عطوفتكم التكرم بالموافقة على ان تساعدوني بالحصول على المحنة الدراسية بواسطتكم الموقرة ،بكلية الشريعة قسم الفقه وأصوله ,او كلية اللغة.وعليه فضيلة الدكتور.اسال
    الله ان ياخذ بيدكم
    والله معكم واناعلى علم ويقين انكم اهل الفضل والكرم ستساعدوني
    على هذا الامر.
    دعائي لكم بالتوفيق والسداد وللكويت ام السلامه والامن الدائم.
    المقدم .الطالب

    سيف الله ادريس شعيب

    1. M.Bahrani Says:

      عطوفة الاستاذ الكريم المبجل سيف الله ادريس شعيب

      تحية عطرة تليق بجنابكم الكريم وسلاما وتحية ارسلها لنيافتكم تقديرا واجلال لمقامكم الكريم
      جعلكم الله نبراسا ومصباحا للهدى في بلدكم الحبيب وسدد خظاكم لما فيه مصلحة البشرية

      والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


  10. Dalal Says:

    Thank you for coming to our 506 class.. Good luck in your life..

    1. M.Bahrani Says:

      Thank you Dalal. Nice presentation also about Android. I was lucky to catch it.

  11. muhammad bello danladi Says:

    i have obtained my first degree in library science in 2006. currently, i work with federal college of education potiskum-yobe state as librarian I. my responsibilities include :
    Assistant head of technical service unit from 03-jul-08 to 22- sept-08
    Head of technical service unit from 22-sept-08 to 19-apr-10
    Head of printing unit from 19-apr-10 to 06-jan-11
    Head of reference unit from 06-jan-11 to present.
    looking foward to hearing from you.

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