Fine Arts

Hello everyone,


I hope all of you had enjoyed the last nice vacation.  I know for a fact that, some of us, and maybe the majority are facing some difficulties, and undergoing through some stress.  Well, my advice for all of you is to keep doing what you love, such as hobbies.  As a matter of fact, I’m attaching one of my work, and I hope that you enjoy it.  Feel free to post your opinion or comment.  Thanks for spending the time reading, and watching my art.  I wish you all the best.





4 thoughts on “Fine Arts

  1. Fine artist you are Aoun. the thing is that nothing can take my mind of the LIS program. even if you give me 1000 KD, so try giving me 1000 and see if care . i advice you to do that.

  2. Thank you dear.
    Heeheee..why should i give you 1000 KD? I don’t want you to leave the LIS program! ;)..either me and my drawing :) so kind! There is no benefits for me 😦 if there is i will never hesitate given you 1000 KD..

  3. Hi,
    Thank you, you so kind, No, i use many materials, but i like pencils because it doesn’t need tools heeheee..and in fact i don’t have time much responsibilities, it seems to me that you are interesting in drawing, you are always welcome, any queries it gives me pleasure, so feel free to ask.

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