I have noticed that that the blog is a bit cold lately, and not much comment on the posts. most of the students and visitors visit the Blog almost every day, and most of the old gang and friends are still regular visitors still current with the blog and reading every post. but no one comments. some dont feel like it, other dont want their names to show in public, and others who are shy.

This blog needs your support. this blog is not mine, its for all of us because not getting any money out of it. a simple comment with your opinion or thought could poost and encourage other to comment and share thought and bring new ideas to the table , thats the purpose of the blog. if you dont want to show your name don log in, just use any regular nickname that no one know that way you will have the chance to comment and share and stay anonymous at the same time.

I see st ranges from around the world commenting in the blog and dont see the close ones doing so! new ideas and thought could in rich any subject and enlightenment others.

Thank you