2007 Graduation

2008-25This photo was taken last year at the graduation party. the good think about the photos is that I’m in each photo with each graduate :). you check the rest of the photos at the department web site. Kuwait TV and AL-Watan TV were there and recorded the ceremony. i wish someone could help us get hold of the recording of the ceremony from their archive.


8 thoughts on “2007 Graduation

  1. Mr. Albahrani are you sure this picture was taken last year not in 1998! (see the date in the photo)

    I’m very happy for you, and I’m looking forward to have a photo with you all in our graduation inshallah soon.

    Best of luck as always 🙂

  2. Yes Talal. i dont know who toke the picture but it seems that he did not fix the date in his camera.
    I think in our graduation i wont be there because i would be in the nut house or suffering from amnesia. lets hope this day come soon and all this will be just memories . happy memories i hope 🙂 Good luck to all of us .

  3. Hi mohammed, you are in almost all the pictures..wanasa :))
    you know mohammed when i looked at the photos.. at the students faces, i think that this day will not come for me ..i really have a dream as Martin Luother King said. the graduation for me is like a dream i hope it will be true some day.. and in that day you will stand there reading my name..oh my god .. i will cry

  4. Ya but King says after that ” My poor little children” … and that don’t apply on us > or does it ?

    Me and Abdulla were there, and you wont believe the feeling we have. we were imaging ourselves sitting in the same place. its our dream…. group dream. i wish i can see the face of your husband that day and saying to himself: Finally … oooffff ” 🙂

  5. السلام لوسمحت أبي مساعدة بخصوص مادة 503 لو تقدر ترسل إيميل خاص بأسرع وقت

  6. what kind of information you need. if you use the search box in this blog you will find allot of information regarding 503 class.
    there is also a Chat link at the top of the blog where you can ask about any thing.

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