Help needed

I got this comment today in the Blog :

vidya Says:

dear friends ,
As i am a person who recently came to kuwait…i would be very grateful if u guys could tell me where i will find the public libraries in kuwait…which offers english fiction books.i have been searching and searching and finally landed up in this site.Do advice

So has has experiance in this matter and can guide us to public libraries with english fiction ?


10 thoughts on “Help needed

  1. Hello, english fiction books, I’m not sure, but you can find all the kuwait libraries in , you must write: kuwait library
    There appears a list of libraries with their exact location in a map.

    I think you can search the fiction books first in the American University of Kuwait‎
    Located at the Book Store
    Salem Al-Mubarak Street
    شارع سالم المبارك

    I hope this information be useful for you.


  2. Hello Vidya,
    First of all, Welcome dear in your second country Kuwait.
    What i understood from you that you want a Public Labrary for reading, as a user, not for buying books, any way there is a Central Library in The Kuwait University(Shuwaikh)near the Shuwaikh Port and the Free Zone, i am sure you will find what are you looking for.
    But if you looking for some items to buy, so like our friend Duncan what is said!

  3. I don’t think you will find English fiction in Kuwait university library. its an academic library with scientific literature. and i don’t think you will find English fiction in any public library here in Kuwait. you can try your luck. the best solution is to go to a book store like Virgin in Marina Mall or the big book store in Muthana Complex to buy books, or any other major book store here in Kuwait, and there are many.

  4. أطلب مساعدة بخصوص مادة 503 للطلبة الي خلصوها عشان بالنسبة للامتحان فالرجاء الرد بأسرع وقت

  5. السلام عليكم لوسمحتوا ممكن المساعدة لأني أبي أجوبة الأسئلة الي عندكم بخصوص 503 لأن الدكتور عطانا نفسها فلو سمحتوا بتأكد من الأجوبة
    مع جزيل الشكر

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