503 dilemma

I have been getting many emails regarding 503 Exam questions and answers from class 2008 students. it seems that P.Sajjad gave the final question with 21 questions to solve and memorize, and thats too much to handle.

I just wonder, why there are no cooperation between the students like we used to have. we used to study as group and help each other. and we still do. we share thoughts and information about assignments, exams, answers. we help each other and even study as a group. if we did not do that we would have died long ago. each student will suffer alone.

Try to make a group of study students to help each other in assignments and exams.  its a matter of common interest. life will be easier. study as a group in the library, at home, in the coffee shop. where ever. share your thoughts with others over emails.


3 thoughts on “503 dilemma

  1. Hello Mr.mohammed
    i would like 2 thank u 4 helping me out with my question, or my coulegues’ 🙂

    u’ve been really helpful, and GOD bless u
    actually , that’s what we’re doing right now
    we divide’em up. but the problem is, that there are 22 Q.s and the whole section is consisted of 8 students only 😥

    if im handling the whole 22Q.s by my own ,in such short period of time. none of us will ever make it through!

    Allah yaster, and thanks 4 ur help again 🙂

  2. Thats good. but dont let the faculty catch you say that because they dont agree on group study and sharing answers. they say its un-ethical. so becarfull .i wonder if they read this blog or not >?

  3. LOL, Bahrani, u’ve started it 😛

    malna sh’3ell

    e7m e7m
    in a matter of fact !
    we don’t share answers AT ALL, we never did and we will never do


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