502, 507 class review

Finally the third semester is over. my grades were not as good as the past two semesters but near as good. we are over with the core courses and headed to take what we like from other groups of the program classes. now lets head for the Review:

502: I cant say that i liked 502, its one of the worst classes in this program, the over all idea of the class is to understand classification schemes, but to know the details and know how to classify books and materials in Dewey Decimal system and Library of Congress system! i think that they should teach that for undergraduate students. that’s why i said that i hate DDC and LCC classification system because its the hardest that you are going to learn in this program .

507: This is the most important class to take if you are going to be a researcher or at least for you comprehensive exam. lots of work but not hard to do. It will change the way you read articles, search, and the way you write. i think this the best class i have taken in this program. you will learn how to write a proposal that is good for a Phd Theses, and you will learn how to critique an article that is done by Professors. can you believe that ! Yes you will.

Actually not every thing can be said, there are some side affects but ill keep them to my self, for now at least, it was not an easy semester specially with the new taiming that made us come to the university 4 days a week, but lets hope that this problem will be solved next semester if get back to the old timing, 3 hours a class, one day a week.


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