Map of Knowledge

I was browsing the Internet trying to search for  answers to my assignment for class 524 with Prof. Mumtaz. searching for articles, sites, associations, databases, and other information, after 2 hours i was lost. one site has leaded me to another, one article pointed to another, one search result got me to another trend, ans so on till i was lost and i was reading and searching for another topic and another subject not related to my discipline which i was searching for.

That’s when i remembered that in last lecture the professor gave us a paper with an image titled “Knowledge Map”  that explains what i was doing. A new map of knowledge has been assembled by scientists at the research library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It is based on electronic data searches in which users moved from one journal to another, thus establishing associations between them.

The map includes both the sciences and the humanities in a hub and wheel arrangement, with the humanities at the center and the sciences arrayed around them. The arrangement fell out naturally from the data and is not contrived,


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