Yesterday i was complaining for Prof.Mumtaz about us students not being able to attend the conference. no one invited us and if any one wants to participate then he must pay 600 Dollar. before that Saleh has asked me to volunteer to participate in the cometee organizing the conference and i did say NO cause i really dont have the time. and i really dont have the time with morning office work and evening classes and 4 kids at home to take care of with the rest of the family.

My friend Abdullah has stumbled once with Prof.Sajjad the LIS program Director who asked Abdullah to join the work of the committee  and asked him to ask me to attend. and as i know Mr.Abdulla a busy man more then i am, i expected him to say no. but he was caught in the moment by facing the Professor face to face and said yes. and i kept saying NO.and as i learned that Sakeena, FAdhel, Asmaa, and Aoun are already enrolled in the volunteers list.

The problem now is that i got a personal message from the director asking me and Abdullah to join. and now its hard escape that. … at least ill be able to attend the conference for free.