Asked by Naseema, this is my review of SLA Conference in Kuwait. as part of the organizing volunteers team.

The conference went well, from an outsider view you can see that every thing is OK and well organized, but when you get the insider view you can see clearly that every thing was made at last moments. cheap budget, and many mistakes.

but nothing is perfect, and what is important is the over all picture which was good.

The role of Dr. Sultan and Dr Hussain was great and clear, and i know that there were others who worked hard for this conference like Dr Samir and Dr.Sajjad.and the team that i worked with was more then great. Hayat AL-Yagout, Tahani Kalander, Farah, FAdhel, Sakena, BAshayer AL-Randi, Asma Jamal, Dalal al-bidaiwe, Saleh, Aoun,  and ABdullah. they were all fun and dedicated to their given tasks.

Now about the scientific importance of the conference. i did not see the importance of the papers presented except for the speech of P.Mumtaz which was related to our discipline. and the gathering of the vendors under one can see Dynix presented by Arabic advance company. Ebisco. ProQuest, Thomson, and other companies that we knew well during our study in the LIS program

the best thing in my opinion is the dinners at the Hotel, which was really good . and the Ship Hashimiy, and im going to get a certificate and a shield to add to the collection, Horraaaay !!!sla3