For sale

For Sale a comprehesive exam with 20 articles for citations. and not to get mixed up, the person who asked me to sell it means that he wants some one to make the comprehensive for him insted. he is so disparate and would give any thing for the person who would. Contact: 00-965-99887766


3 thoughts on “For sale

  1. This is what I call “CHEATING”…

    People wants to gain a degree without a single effort that makes them deserve it..

    I think you should delete this post bro!!! so that you don’t be part of the issue..

    “If learning become so desperate, then leave it”


  2. 🙂 Saleh.. you made me laugh.

    This only a joke. to reveal how tired we are by doing the assignments giving to us. even if it was true then it wont be the first time. and you know that some work of the students is done by others in the copy centers scattered in all Kuwait.

    and by the way, it was true that my friend told me to post this post.

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