This post is by Fadhel Hussain :


I sat down to write a note regarding the small talk we had with Prof. Mumtaz, and deliberately pinpointing some elements that certain individuals sadly lack. I hope that you can post this note on your blog since I don’t have a recent photo  of Prof. Mumtaz and i would hope the rest of us, who are concerned with what is going on to comment. Thank you for your advocacy.Warm regards

“10 Minutes conversation with LIS pillar:

Wisdom diffused like an exceptional perfume”

The commemoration event was special, thanks to the esteemed gathering and the attendance. Everything went according to preparations, and the whole event delightfully wrapped quickly. But the highlight of that event, for couple of us, was a small side talk with our esteemed mentor Prof. Mumtaz who engaged us as he always do with his emanating wisdom.

Few sentiments were extracted from that small conversation:

  1. Parting should be accepted and in some sense celebrated
  2. Acknowledge Idealism vs Realism
  3. Self respect is a noble virtue, one should constantly monitor and asses his actions
  4. Working among peers should be governed by morals and values
  5. Quality eventually overcomes triviality
  6. Honesty in our actions is what dignifies us as humans
  7. Competitiveness only intimidates individuals with insecurities
  8. Executing strong ethics in learning communities needs full contribution from its members
  9. “Work sincerely and as expected from you, to earn your value”
  10. Educators should be meriting and influencing role models

Prof. Mumtaz, thank you sir for being a remarkable and fine role model.

P.S : The photo is one year old