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This post is by Fadhel Hussain :


I sat down to write a note regarding the small talk we had with Prof. Mumtaz, and deliberately pinpointing some elements that certain individuals sadly lack. I hope that you can post this note on your blog since I don’t have a recent photo  of Prof. Mumtaz and i would hope the rest of us, who are concerned with what is going on to comment. Thank you for your advocacy.Warm regards

“10 Minutes conversation with LIS pillar:

Wisdom diffused like an exceptional perfume”

The commemoration event was special, thanks to the esteemed gathering and the attendance. Everything went according to preparations, and the whole event delightfully wrapped quickly. But the highlight of that event, for couple of us, was a small side talk with our esteemed mentor Prof. Mumtaz who engaged us as he always do with his emanating wisdom.

Few sentiments were extracted from that small conversation:

  1. Parting should be accepted and in some sense celebrated
  2. Acknowledge Idealism vs Realism
  3. Self respect is a noble virtue, one should constantly monitor and asses his actions
  4. Working among peers should be governed by morals and values
  5. Quality eventually overcomes triviality
  6. Honesty in our actions is what dignifies us as humans
  7. Competitiveness only intimidates individuals with insecurities
  8. Executing strong ethics in learning communities needs full contribution from its members
  9. “Work sincerely and as expected from you, to earn your value”
  10. Educators should be meriting and influencing role models

Prof. Mumtaz, thank you sir for being a remarkable and fine role model.

P.S : The photo is one year old


6 thoughts on “LIS pillar

  1. I did not comment on this post before because i was really busy with the exams and presentations, and for other reasons that are related to me personally, but i agree totally with my friend Fadhel. i had the Privilege of attending P.Mumtaz classes for the third course now. and each semester i conceder my self lucky. and if there is any chance that he would be here with us in Kuwait University next year teaching, then without hesitation i will attend his class.

  2. Bo hassan,
    When you take classes with an instructor of high caliber, such as Prof. Mumtaz, he sets the standards for teaching so high that makes the idea of comparing him with others is unfair.
    Great role models are rarities .. god save them all, and bless them with further appreciation.

  3. Dear Fadhel & colleagues

    I would like first to bring my thankfulness to you and your standout note that have much cogitation and inwardly reflection of our mentor Prof. Mumtaz. However, let us be more open in terms of what have you just mention. With respect to all your sentiments pointed out, I think they are only general aspects that are peacefully coexistence within our thoughts and souls for most of us.

    Brother Fadhel sometimes people forget their ancestry, scholarship, and origin, I believe that what have been whispered by Prof.Mumtaz is something we have should known ages ago and we should have the aptitude to work it out.

    If we as Muslims considered Allah and Prophet massage that, we came to accomplish in the world we would not have surprised to find someone with all respect to fulfill our thoughts, needs, wishes, and desires all over the way. I do respect my family, teachers, and friends but on the other hand, I believe that we should more concentrate on the extreme goal that has been there for more than a thousand and four hundred years… I am not saying that we are not thinking of it, but definitely many of us are forgetting it…

    What I am trying to explain here is that we have the ability to change things as always Prof.Mumtaz advises, but also our believes says to do so…as our prophet wisdoms says (Riches are not from abundance of worldly goods but from a contented mind))..the mind that we should utilize for changing the world to a better place..

    I am writing this because I felt the responsibility to reimburse what at least mentioned in the Qur`an in surat Al Thareyat (([55] But teach (thy Message): for teaching benefits the Believers.))

    I honestly have much to say but no time to continuo and I hope that noun of you have got me wrong… and at the end I wish all of you the best and may Allah bless you and bestow you with his mercy


  4. Hi
    I consider my self unluky.Unlike you both Fadhel and Mohammad who had the chance to be with our unique professor for more than one class and benefting from his wisdom, knowledge, values, normse,etc. (if I want to mention them all, I will need a whole page):)
    I can not say anything more than God bless him and support him in every step he takes.

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