Movies fever

mail1I dont know if it is a coincident or on purpose, but yesterday and the day before that, two movies were mentioned in class by our teachers. the first was yesterday when D. Samir mentioned Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie ” Youve got mail”  in automation class 542. our discussion was about competition between libraries. The movie plot is about two business rivals hate each other at the office but fall in love over the Internet. Both are book store owners.

The other movie “The Graduate“. Professor Mumtaz was laughing today in 524 class when Wadha was presenting Information seeking Behavior in Music when he remembered a song from Dustin Hoffman 1967 movie. you can know more about the music and songs of this movie in this link

movieWhats strange in this subject is that i consider my self an encyclopedia in movies. and i dont think there is a move i did not watch. and im talking about the good famous ones.So how come i did not hear aboutDustin Hoffman movie ? and its more than 40 years old !!!


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