My son Hassan has  just found about the pleasure of reading. i wish you could see the look in his eyes. or the way he was talking. he is saying that i saw the movie “Harry Potter” but now i really feel like im in the story. he says that when harry potter is running in the rain i feel like im running in the rain. When Potter is waiting, i am waiting and anticipating, not only that but his Arabic vocabulary got better. he keep asking about the meaning of new words . and his reading got much better and faster. And now he his hooked to Harry Potter series. Managed to finish two parts and he cant wait to read the third.

He always had this thing for books. when ever we go to virgin or Jareer he keeps browsing the encyclopedias not knowing what to buy. i thought that was strange at first. but i started buying him animal and science encyclopedia. hoping that he will really like it and start reading more. and in no time he really did it. you wont imagine how happy i am, and proud. because to find a kid in this world who is interested in reading with the surrounding attractions. that’s not easy.

and by the way, Hassan is 11 years old.