In fie minutes, im going to the LIS department to deliver my final copies of the comprehensive exam paper to the program director P.Sajjad. hoping to get an appointment soon to meet the committee to discuss my paper.

The preparation of the paper was not so hard after the first push. when ou get your resources ready you just need the first push or trigger then you will find yourself ready with the first draft to show to your supervisor. and in that regard i must mention my supervisor P.Mumtaz. to tell you the truth i was scared first to work with him as every one knows how accurate the proffessor is. he wont miss a comma if it was not in its place. but i can say now that he was helpful and supportive all the way and he is the one who made doing this paper easy .

I did show the paper to D. Samir and he was pleased with it. he toke a quick look and made some notes comparing to other student works. his notes were taken into consideration, and i wish he would be on the committee.

So, Wish me luck.