Oral Sunday

Talal called me today to talk about the committee meeting on Sunday, I was shocked first because i was not noticed about the meeting. And to my surprise he said that he got an email from P.Sajjad with my name in it setting the times, committee members, and order. i did not get this email though. it seems that P.Sajjad miss spelled my email putting Gmial instead of Gmail. but i got a copy of the email message from Talal. and here are the details:

Oral examination of comprehensives has been scheduled on 24th May (Sunday) as follows:
Student               Title                                           Examination Committee       Time
Mohammad, Marketing in academic libraries             Sajjad, Mumtaz, Husain        10:45 a.m.
Talal, Overcoming barriers to knowledge sharing       Sajjad, Sattar, Laila                11:00 a.m.
Wadha Shallal, Service enterprises as learning organizationn,    Sajjad, Sattar, Laila                                                     11:10 a.m.
Hawraa, Social networks                  Sajjad, Sattar, Laila             11:20 a.m.
So wish us all good luck. Talal thinks that we should celeprate after the meeting ! and i wonder how can we do that ?

2 thoughts on “Oral Sunday

  1. Thank you Sale7, its a load that we have to take off our backs. after that remains only the practicum. hoping that you and the rest of 2007 class will follow soon.

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