ABCD0001After the Comprehensive exam meeting, me and Talal met by coincident with Abdullah who was visiting Dr.Samir, his supervisor. and to celebrate this event the three of us went together to the avenues the have dinner as some kind of a complement to our selves.

As a first advisor for the entertainment affairs, Talal adviced us to go and eat at many different restaurants. all located at the avenues. so we settled on trying Italian food in the new food court. the restaurant is called Pizza Rustica, and the food was amazing. but the occasion was better than the food.

This is a day that we wont forget. its a load that we put off from our backs. this is a day that needed the celebration.


These photos are taken both with my Nokia N95 mobile phone. the first one is taken by Talal. its the Blue cheese that he did not eat. The second one is taken by me.