Today was a happy day for me, Talal, Hawra, and Mariam. We all had our comprehensive exam committee meeting this morning. I was the first to be sacrificed. i went inside and sat facing P.Sajjad at the middle and P.Mumtaz at his left and Dr.Hussain at his right. The discussion didn’t  lat long for me only 15 minutes. i didn’t count the guys outside counted for me and told me later. you wont feel the time inside.

The main negotiator there is the chairman of the committee P.Sajjad. he did most of the talking and asking. P.Mumtaz asked one question only and had no remarks. Dr.Hussain asked me one question also and made a remark about one point.

The main question you will be faced with are general questions about your topic. how to do that? What is the deference between A and B ? what do you think would be best? and that sort of questions. So be prepared and read your paper well, at least once before the meeting. then they will discuss the general format of the paper, like the structure of the sentences, the content design, and references.

ABCD0003Any Way we all did good, and each time a student came out from the meeting room gave his feed back to the rest of the students. the most remark i told the guys waiting is not to talk beck or try to be smart or you will face more difficult time in there. always yes it will be better, i agree, i will do that. you just need to get out of the room and then its over, so make your meeting in there short and easy and don’t try to be smart.

One more thing. if you come inside thinking that your paper is perfect then you are wrong. even if its perfect as you think, do you ever think that the committee will give a standing innovation for your work and congratulate you. they will find mistakes and stuff to give notes on, that’s usual. they are the teachers with more experience and knowledge.

Last thing, they will give you the three copies back, each with its own modifaction that you have to change and make another three copies. and you pass.


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