What If ?

Today im going to discuss the comprehensive exam with the LIS program committee. But as you know no one officially sent me an email about the date and time of the meeting. No one called me or informed me officially. the information i got is from Talal. all that is because they miss spelled my email. And i know that the department have called other students over the phone to confirm their meeting timings.

SO, What if i did not contact Talal and he did not tell me? What if i did not go tomorrow to the meeting ?  i could just forget about it and not go tomorrow and no one can blame me, because i did not get the email and was never informed.

Small things that can happen in any process that shows the efficancy of any program or system. small mistakes can turn to be a snow ball and get bigger, bigger, and bigger. i know its not worth it and i am going to the meeting and i will pretend that nothing happened. but there was a mistake, and no one even tried to fix that mistake. who is responsible ? i dont know. or maybe i know but i done want to say 🙂

Wish me good luck. Wish us good luck


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