Celepration = Celebration

Dr.Samir yesterday commented on my spilling mistakes in the blog. and i couldn’t agree more. i know my self and i know that i make allot of mistakes.He put an example from headline of the post Celebration, and i wrote it Celepration.

  1. The first reason is that im not good at spelling.
  2. I type fast, really fast, in English and in Arabic. and when you type fast you must make mistakes.
  3. Although i use Firefox Internet browser and it has a spelling checker plug in, and i can see red lines under the miss-spelled word, but also some get away to appear in the final written post .
  4. Some times i cant wait to check for the post, i just wana publish it. so i hit the button ‘Publish’ without checking.

Dr.Samir point of view is that the blog now is being read by many people, inside Kuwait and from abroad. and i respect his point of view and i think he is right. and i promise to try to be more careful next time. and i will try to improve my typing skills and writing skills. Thank you Dr.Samir. following the blog and reading the post by you give me a big push to continue and try to survive online.


4 thoughts on “Celepration = Celebration

  1. you know mohammed I saw it that time I made my comment and I knew it was wrong and i didn’t mention any thing about it, probably you know the reason 🙂

    second, dont say at a public place that you type var vary fast… wallah ye7sedonik and mashallah 3laik…

    Finally, let me take this opportunity to present my thankfulness to Dr.Samir for his kindness invitation to his class. I think the presenter yesterday has done very well..

    and I hope to have a class with dr.samir next semester as I am graduating but unfortunately I heard from some where that he will not be there to teach.. so anyone to confirm..


  2. Saleh, Shame on you, how could you say:
    “you type var vary fast” ?

    🙂 now were even !

    About Dr.Samir Hamade next semester. i can tell you that he wont be here. this is from him personally. he will be going on sabbatical. im really going to miss him.

  3. Man you are devil… I hate you 🙂

    yah you right even though I did not honored by attending any of his class, but I do really like him and the way he respect everyone.. Masha`allah 3laih..

    well we all hope to see him next semester.. so ed3y weyana ya bo hassan…

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