Dr.Samir yesterday commented on my spilling mistakes in the blog. and i couldn’t agree more. i know my self and i know that i make allot of mistakes.He put an example from headline of the post Celebration, and i wrote it Celepration.

  1. The first reason is that im not good at spelling.
  2. I type fast, really fast, in English and in Arabic. and when you type fast you must make mistakes.
  3. Although i use Firefox Internet browser and it has a spelling checker plug in, and i can see red lines under the miss-spelled word, but also some get away to appear in the final written post .
  4. Some times i cant wait to check for the post, i just wana publish it. so i hit the button ‘Publish’ without checking.

Dr.Samir point of view is that the blog now is being read by many people, inside Kuwait and from abroad. and i respect his point of view and i think he is right. and i promise to try to be more careful next time. and i will try to improve my typing skills and writing skills. Thank you Dr.Samir. following the blog and reading the post by you give me a big push to continue and try to survive online.