Next semester schedual

This schedule is from the official portal of Kuwait University web site:

1330501 Wednesday  16:00 18:50 Foundations Of Lis, Taghreed M. Ali Alqudsi

1330501 Monday  16:00 18:50 Foundations Of Lis,  Taghreed M. Ali Alqudsi

1330502 Tuesday 16:00 18:50 Org. Recorded Know

1330506 Sunday   16:00 18:50  It Appl. Info. Orgs.

1330507 Wednesday 16:00 18:50 Research Methods In Lis,  Sajjad Ur Rehman

1330523 Monday 16:00 18:50 Info. Res&Serv In Business,  Sajjad Ur Rehman

1330532 Tuesday 16:00 18:50 Manage. Academic Libs,  Sajjad Ur Rehman

1330541 Sunday 16:00 18:50 Knowledge Management

1330547 Wednesday  16:00 18:50 Digital Library

1330592  Research In Library And Information Science

I dont know why the rest of the teachers names are not mentioned next to the class number ? dont forget to register on the first of June at 10 am. Good luck


11 thoughts on “Next semester schedual

  1. Thank you Mohamed for the reminder, i can take only digital library..i have to take one course outside lis..idont know whats the courses availble for us outside the department, how to registor..manaully on online..many questions in my mind..and im busy with the assignments and presenations :(..God help

  2. I’m very disappointed that all the classes start at 4pm instead of 5:30pm!!! I wish that classes start at 5:30pm, that way, we can go home after work to take a shower and have a lunch with our family!
    I don’t know why KUNIV still think that we don’t have work, and family! I wish they understand that we are master students raising kids!
    Don’t you guys agree with me!!! wake up! 😛

  3. Fatma, i still dont understand why you have to take a class from outside the program !

    Talal. not all you wish for come true. Thank god that its back to 3 hours a day classes. and that is good for me. now if they decided to make the classes start after five, then that would be even better. i agree.

  4. thank u MB

    my case is similar to Fatma, i took all the clases only digital library.

    fatma do u think we can take 523?!!

    I dont want to take it and u know guys why 🙂

    maybe I will take 592, what do u think?

    or I will do like fatma and take from other programs??

    good luck to u all 🙂

  5. So you both did not take 523. or 547 ? so how come you say that you toke all available classes? and dont tell me that its from a group A or B that you already taken classes from. it doesn’t matter.

  6. we can not take 523, because we are already taking 524 from the same group A. we have to take only one course from group A and B, “i asked lis department”
    So we can take only digital library, we need one more course and as you know we took KM.
    Wadha im not gona take 592.. i ll tell the reason when i see you

  7. I dont understand. we all have taken one class from each course. where should get other courses from ? i think you should ask Dr.Samir about that. i think you can take what ever you want. the program sheet state clearly”a student must take at least one class from this group” at least, at least, at least, that means that you can take more then one. but the minimum is one. there are no other groups that you can take from.

    I think you miss understood.

  8. Mohamed my major sheet says:

    “Group A: a student will take only one course from this group”

    applies on group B also

    “Group C: a student must take at least 2 courses from this group

  9. Hmmm. i see … i did not see that coming. so you can take what ever you want from Group C, but not A or B.

    In that case you must group your selves and go as a group to the program director and ask him to open one more class for you so you can graduate. as you can see the schedule is limited with not much diversity to choose from. i dont know why.

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