Today registration was OK. i did register in 541 and 523 532. i almost didnt make it as i was sleeping and the phone kept ringing the reminder. exactly at 10 i toke a look at the phone and something clicked in my mind: Today is the registration, and if im not fast enough other students will beat me to the seats. So directly i went to the internet and at the same time sent 2 SMS’s. one to Abdulah who was also sleeping. and the other to Talal who was in Korea. they asked me in person to send them reminders. so i did.

Any way i did register the two classes, but the weird thing is that 541 Knowledge Management changed its name after registration to “On-Line Informaion Retiv” thats what it shows in may schedule. and Talal sent me a message from Seoul asking me the same question. but i guess its ok as long as it has the same course number. or it could be part of the new curriculum !

The bad news is that Abdullah couldnt make in 541 Class. the 15 seats were taken in 5 minutes. so he registered in Dr.Sultan class 547. I adviced him to talk to the program director and he can arrange it for him to be added.