541: On-Line Informaion Retiv


Today registration was OK. i did register in 541 and 523 532. i almost didnt make it as i was sleeping and the phone kept ringing the reminder. exactly at 10 i toke a look at the phone and something clicked in my mind: Today is the registration, and if im not fast enough other students will beat me to the seats. So directly i went to the internet and at the same time sent 2 SMS’s. one to Abdulah who was also sleeping. and the other to Talal who was in Korea. they asked me in person to send them reminders. so i did.

Any way i did register the two classes, but the weird thing is that 541 Knowledge Management changed its name after registration to “On-Line Informaion Retiv” thats what it shows in may schedule. and Talal sent me a message from Seoul asking me the same question. but i guess its ok as long as it has the same course number. or it could be part of the new curriculum !

The bad news is that Abdullah couldnt make in 541 Class. the 15 seats were taken in 5 minutes. so he registered in Dr.Sultan class 547. I adviced him to talk to the program director and he can arrange it for him to be added.


12 thoughts on “541: On-Line Informaion Retiv

  1. Why SMS only to Abdullah and Talal… ???

    I have been so kind to remember all of you by CALLING…

    but the issue seems to be only one way street..

    I should learn then to behave like you…

    Anyway GOOD LUCK to all students in their fall semester..

  2. Saleh: i Quote “they asked me in person to send them reminders. so i did”

    You did not ask me to send you a reminder. and you cant take the same courses that we are going to take together because you are graduating next semester not like us lazy students who are late and waiting for two semesters. isn’t it enough that you are going to beat us and be the first from the guys to graduate! 🙂

  3. امبيييييييييييييه
    نسيت التسجيل وطافني ههههههه

    استغفر الله

    شسوي الحين؟؟؟
    ماكو مواد 😦

  4. Take 532 with P.Sajjad. Or did you take it already ? or 541 . or check every 15 minutes hoping that someone will drop out of one class that you need. but you have to be fast. Finally you can wait until October.

  5. والله الذاكرة انمسحت من هالواجبات والبروجكتات

    والله توني اتذكر يوم شفت الموضوع

    يالله ننطر شورانا ؟؟

    بسجل 547 , 592

  6. I loged in at 11:15 and there was one seaat so I registered 🙂

    I guss its my luck al 7amdellah 🙂

    however 592 still closed 😦

  7. Wadha: So my suggestion worked 🙂 good for you. even Abdullah made it to 541 Class by switching with Hussain who just found out that he did not take an course in the 520 group. so he wont be graduating if he didn’t take it next semester. so he had to drop one course. So for Abdullah sake he dropped 541 class so Abdullah can register it. Thank you Hussain.

    So all had a happy ending at the end.

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