Windows 7

06062009193I have been using a Beta version of windows 7 for about three months now on my Dell laptop. its the new windows operating system that will be released soon to overcome windows Vista. Although the version that i used was an early version for testing but i had no problems with it at all. So two weeks ago i downloaded the latest Beta version from Microsoft official web site and formatted my computer and installed it.

If you are still using windows XP then you will have one hell of a ride. but if you are a Vista user then it will be easy for you to transform as the interface is the same.

The new system is faster, uses less memory resources. more stables. As i said befor there are no problems at all.  Major changes under the hood but not for us end users to see. to give you an example. i never shot down my computer, i just close the front screen over the keyboard and when ever i open the screen the computer start again. With the new system the computer starting time is only 2 seconds. 2 seconds and you are ready to go .


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