The next committee meeting will be on Teusday. From what i have heard from Abdullah that he, Wadha, Zainab,  and Mariam will be discusing there comprehensives at 10:30 am. So cross your fingers and wish them the best.

Comprehensive exam has been scheduled to be held on 9 June at 10:00 a.m. in the Meeting Room. Details are as follows:

Student Title Committee
1. Wadha Ajmi     Info. Seeking Behav. of undergrad students   Mumtaz, Sajjad, Charlene
2. Abdullah Abul   The Role of Intrusion Detection System in inf  Sajjad, Sameer, Cgharlene
3. Zainab Shatti     Plagiarism among…..                                   Mumtaz, Sajjad, Husain
4. Mariam Hasan   Diseaase related info seeking behavior           Mumtaz, Sajjad, Sattar
5. Saleh Ebrahim    Faculty-librarian collaboration in collection development    Sajjad, Hussien, Chaudhry
Update: And for this occasion, Saleh decided to invite all of the students today including me and committee members to special dinner at Kuwait Towers. i was so impressed by that gesture, Thank you Saleh and good luck.