Graduation Party, No more!

There is a roomer going that next year there wont be a graduation party. And one student today confirmed it. That means that the lucky ones who will graduate this semester will be that last class to have a dedicated graduation party from the LIS department.The claim here is that as long as we are getting honored by the Amir, and also participating the final ceremony in the stadium, then why we should have our own ceremony? That’s the claim of who ever is against the idea. I don’t know who is that guy, but i hate him.

The contradiction here is that the ministry of education, Kuwait University, and the college didn’t pay one fils in preparing the previous parties. All the effort and thanks goes to the Arabian Advance Company which support and sponsor these kind of events related to LIS.

So, if we as students went to AAC and requested to do the party as usual, and if the company agrees and did arrange for it. what will happen? the department wont be involved and no can stop us i think. The problem is that i don’t think AAC will accept to sponsor the party without an official letter from the department because AAC is paying the money just to show off as part of their marketing campaign.


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