Celebration, Take 2

Yesterday, History is repeated. Another good celebration with good friends. Saleh, Abdullah, and me gathered in my house first to talk and discuss the happening of the committee yesterdays. and as i understand each committee meeting there must be some hot news to talk about. we all know why 🙂 From what i have heard there was also another committee this week that i did not know about until later. with some interested news also.

Any way, as decided we went to have a lovely dinner at Mais Alghanim Restaurant. This was my suggestion. but not until later that Abdullah tolled me that Sebastian, The Iranian Restaurant was Dr.Samir suggestion for him to go and celebrate

More talking was done in that gathering than eating. but it was much fun and time well spent.


One thought on “Celebration, Take 2

  1. It was really fun to gather and to chitchat about different things..

    at least myself who had a taffy 30 minutes in the committee and desperately needed to celebrate..

    so thanks Mohammed and Abdullah..

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