Today was Professor Mumtaz day. Today was the last lecture we have this semester in class 524, and the last lecture for P.Mumtaz in Kuwait. So we decided to make this day a special day for him. Each of us will bring some kind of gift, many of us brought books. Zainab was so kind to buy a big thank you card and we all wrote a small thank you note on the card.

The lecture toke place at the meeting room in the department. Four presentations toke place first, then after two hours, at the end, Professor Mumtaz started giving a small ending speech, to my surprise that’s when P.Sajjad, Dr.Choudri, Dr.Charleen, and some other students walked into the room and joined us. P.Mumtaz then knew that there was something else going on.

After P.Mumtaz words, my speach, Dr,Sajjad spoke some words about his teacher. Thats when all the girls started crying. Even the Professors and Doctors started crying. the atmosphere was so emotional and tense. i couldn’t believe it. what an emotional time it was.

To the Coincident. the same day last year, on the 10th of june 2008 we were in P.Mumtaz farewell party. you can read all about it here. Your can see the resume of P.Mumtaz here.

I dont know how the next semester will be without P.Mumtaz around. Even Dr.Samir is leaving for a sepatical. the department will be dull.