Farewell Professor Mumtaz


Today was Professor Mumtaz day. Today was the last lecture we have this semester in class 524, and the last lecture for P.Mumtaz in Kuwait. So we decided to make this day a special day for him. Each of us will bring some kind of gift, many of us brought books. Zainab was so kind to buy a big thank you card and we all wrote a small thank you note on the card.

The lecture toke place at the meeting room in the department. Four presentations toke place first, then after two hours, at the end, Professor Mumtaz started giving a small ending speech, to my surprise that’s when P.Sajjad, Dr.Choudri, Dr.Charleen, and some other students walked into the room and joined us. P.Mumtaz then knew that there was something else going on.

After P.Mumtaz words, my speach, Dr,Sajjad spoke some words about his teacher. Thats when all the girls started crying. Even the Professors and Doctors started crying. the atmosphere was so emotional and tense. i couldn’t believe it. what an emotional time it was.

To the Coincident. the same day last year, on the 10th of june 2008 we were in P.Mumtaz farewell party. you can read all about it here. Your can see the resume of P.Mumtaz here.

I dont know how the next semester will be without P.Mumtaz around. Even Dr.Samir is leaving for a sepatical. the department will be dull.


18 thoughts on “Farewell Professor Mumtaz

  1. wow wow wow!! i will miss him….he will be always in my mind,,and he will always be inspiring me. i will never forget him,,,,,God bless him,

  2. yesterday, i couldnt stop crying …Prof Mumtaz will be always with us, his positive reflection on us will be never forgotten,,,sometimes my words r not expressing my feelings…when ever i type a letter, a tear falls ….thank u all of u for letting those moments unforgettable..Dr Sajad’s speech made me cry…ALL professor’s tears meant alot to me. Dr. Chaudry’s speech was fascinating..every moment was unforgetable..thank u 524 students…thank u mohamad ur speech was amazing..ur simple words reached our hearts and made us CRY the whole day..all of u are great students whom i will always miss…GOD BLESS U ALL

  3. I don’t have anything to say..

    It is only that last night was the best in the whole program, and at the same time it was cheerless to see a beloved person like Prof. Mumtaz leaving away..

    Thank You:

    1. Mohammed
    2. Abdullah
    3. Haya
    4. Fatma
    5. Zainab
    6. Lolwa
    7. Manal
    8. Farah
    9. Wadha
    10. Jumanah


  4. We all have teachers we remember, but Prof. Mumtaz is someone special..someone who mentored, inspired, and encouraged us. and as Prof. Sajjad said Mumtaz will always be mumtaz..God bless him

    To Prof. Mumtaz and all LIS faculty members
    To my colleagues in 524 course

    Thnak you for your thoughful kindness..

  5. I think you dear friends said it all. Prof.Mumtaz is one of a kind, he left his marks everywhere in the LIS department & on students. He is the one that changed the way I look at things. Now I believe in myself & I believe that goodness still exists in this cruel world. Neither Prof.Mumtaz great knowledge nor his position changed his loving, kind & caring personality. To me,he’ll remain a source of inspiration for as long as I live. Goodbye Prof.Mumtaz & farewell. 😦

  6. Salam all,

    thank you all for everything

    you said all what I want to say

    Prof. Mumtaz was one of the best teachers I ever had. GOD bless him and bless you all

    Mowafaqeen Inshallah

  7. Thank you, everyone, for making the evening so special and touching. Each of you made a difference in your own way. Appreciate it. Sajjad

  8. Thank you P.Mumtaz – we were there in spirit. Congratulations on a flourishing closing to just one chapter in your long, long life. My prayers are that you will now apply all your cumulative wisdom into heartfelt action on behalf of your future dreams in the tradition of Edhi or the Grameen Bank and M.Yunus, but in Pakistan where creativity, compassion and imagination are needed badly. Good luck, and speak to you soon.

  9. I had heard of Professor Mumtaz’s work in the U.S. and South America from several of my colleagues. He is a paragon of virtue, a beacon of light in a dark sea of misunderstanding. Praise be to Allah for P.Mumtaz. May his legacy last forever.

  10. Hehehehe wonderfull to see the two XXXXX standing among the students..

    Well, Guys I have been in the program 4 years ago.. and I never saw poeople like the two in the pic.. I mean XXXXX and XXXXX.. these gangs have ruin the LIS program..

    I really do hate them since no one want to stop them.. we all knew their games, they only smile on your faces and then stap you on the back. They always talk to each other in thier free times to decide what they are going to do with you or staff, or even the faculty members..

    they always wanted to be the Masters and the controlers.. Wallah I hate them form my heart..

    Guys dont think I am writing this coz am a lazy student… no no no, I am an A student but becuase I never liked thier attitude and being afriad of my own achievement in the program I have kept quit all the time..

    XXXXX ( The hater & The Lier ), XXXXX( The crow ), Lila ( The follower ), XXXXXXX ( The possibility ), XXXXXXX ( The Moody ), XXXXXXXX ( The King – want be ), XXXXXX ( I love him )..

    did I forget anyone..

    Allah Ye3eeeen the new Students…

    Take care guys…

    P.S: to the moderator or the owner of the Blog, please please dont delete the post.. otherwise I will always write and write and write till I get enough from those people..

    with Regards..

  11. OK its time to reply to this nonsense.

    First of all, you are not an A student.
    Second, If you are brave enough you should have come with your real name.
    Third, If you have any issue with anyone. you should go and face them. don’t drag your trouble in here.

    Fourth, you can write in here. you are welcome. but dont mention names. and dont insult anyone.

    If i disagree with any of the names this guy mentioned, this is my right, but its not ethical to publicize it and make it a public issue. Personal feelings dont count in science and business. Its strictly science, strictly business.

    This blog is not counted for any posts or comments made by others then the owner of the blog. This guy represent him self only. This is called ethic of writing and posting. This is the true freedom of speech.

  12. Hi Bahrani

    you seems to like them so much..

    anyway, I think the truth will never change.. and these people will remain the same..

    to respond to you and my nonsense 🙂

    first who told you I am not an A student.. don’t tell me the tiny bird next door..

    second why should I tell you my name… it is not necessary as long as am saying the reality… and everyone know it..

    Third, your blog suppose to be dedicated to the LIS community and I am not dragging my problems here, as I said I am saying the truth and I saw this blog and wanted to participate.. on the other hand, I have faced them and was like a thorn in their throat.. so don’t judge me..

    forth, why should I not mention names.. they are very known in the LIS community, means everyone have taken a class with them and knew them very well.. for insulting them, OK I respect your blog and your opinion..

    my mate, people are disagreeing with the president of the United States and make fun of him in national TV.. again, it is not about personal feelings, it is about the truth.. Elshams ma tet’3a6ah eb man5al.. if you mean by personal feeling, when I said I hate them.. that because of their attitudes and I have the right to say it..


    Thank you mate for giving me the chance to represent myself very well…

  13. That is soooo… NOT NICE.

    BlackBarry, we r here in Master program rather than in kindergarten.

    BlackBarry, do u know what u’ve just done ?!!
    U didn’t give bad image about them, u gave bad image about urself. Although I don’t know u, but I feel like I know u now.

    Dear BlackBarry, is this how u’ve been raised !!!
    To hate people !!
    To call them with nicknames !!!

    That is so0o awful, really.

    BlackBarry, u r mature enough to recognize that a decent man don’t do that. And if u r not mature enough to recognize that, then when u get older, u’ll certainly regret doing that, and “There is no use crying over spilt milk”.

    Modesty, Tolerance, Justic and Kindness are TRAITS.

    Envy, Hypocrisy, Audacity and Jealousy are also TRAITS.



  14. Wow Wow Wow Wow… What is happing here ???

    Habeby Mr. Bahrani delete this BlackFace or BlackLife post from the blog..

    If he has a problem with someone.. we all don’t want to hear it here.. please bro kick his name out of here!!! 🙂


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