As always, A thank you note must be posted here at the end of this semester and the last day of class year 2008/2009. Like previous posts, i must say thank you to my teachers P.Mumtaz and Dr. Samir. Both are leaving and wont be in the department next semester which is a lost for the department.You both made this semester one of the good semesters for me. so thank you. I must say thank you to Gloria who was with us in each class in 524 and was very supportive. To my friends in alphabetical order, Abdulla, Saleh, and Talal, no class is good without you all.

To my sisters, Fatma thank you for all the coffee you brought in the presentation, you are the best. Zainab, Thank you for the big contribution in P.Mumtaz party and the big card. Batool and Sakeena, far and away, but you were there in desperate times during this semester. Wadha thank you for the Music presentation. Naseema, thank you for your contributions to this blog.

Finally, Thank you Asmaa for a great gesture.