Gradutaing students

555Eleven Students will graduate this summer, and on the 24 of June ( thats one week from now ) there will be a graduating party to celebrate it. Here are the names of these lucky students:

حوراء بدر العامري

زينب محمد الشطي

شروق سليمان المطر

شيخة سابج الشويكر

فاطمة فهد المزين

مريم عدنان محمد صالح

نسيمة ناصر التميمي

نوف عبدالرحمن المهنا

هيا سامي العيسى

وضحة محمد الشلال

ياسمين يوسف العنزي



5 thoughts on “Gradutaing students

  1. I really wish you all the best. It was wonderful to be with you in the program. I have good relationship with almost all the people who will graduate soon. I have benefited from all of you. Again, It was my pleasure to be a student with you in the program & CONGRATULATION. 🙂

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