Master of Ceremony

16062009224Thank you Dr.Samir for remembering me by putting my name in the invitation for this year graduation party. This is the second year im acting as master of ceremony. On the 24th of this month, the graduation ceremony will be in Costa Del Sol Hotel in Sha’ab Al Bahry. Abdulla will be reciting Quran as well. and the surprise is that My friend Talal has something to do with it. I dont know what or how but he will be there as a major player and organizer.

16062009227It was lots of fun last year. and it was a chance to meet some of the faculty family members and other people from management. Also it’s a great experience for me and here i have the chance to do it again with much prude. Now i have the task of preparing my small speech and the opening words with the rest of the activities of the ceremony.



6 thoughts on “Master of Ceremony

  1. Congratulations to all of the students who graudated alfal lena next year inshallah

    MB wish u all the best in presenting the cermony, post the speech her to enjoy it as we enoyed ur speech in 524 last class.

  2. Mabrooooook to all of you, the alumnus and the participants such as Mohammed, Abdullah, and Talal..

    wish you all the best..

    Remark: MB please don’t forget to bring us food from the buffet 🙂

  3. Food: there wont be any food left. we will eat it all.

    And Wadha about the speech, sorry but i dont think i will post it here. because its so short and divided to fit the program and other speeches. but let me see what i can do about it. maybe i can get a video from the ceremony today. lets cross our fingers and hope so.

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