Taw Ellail

Taw Ellail Show - Alwatan TVDear friends,
Talal Al-Bannai will be on “Taw Ellail Show” on Alwatan TV at 10 pm or 10:30 to talk about Kuwait Fund Training Program.  If you are interested and have the time, watch it.  Your comments are highly appreciated.  Wish him luck.

10 thoughts on “Taw Ellail

  1. Talal is one of the best students in class 2007. he is a dear friend and an A student.

    Talal, one of the best things in this program happened to me is meeting you.

  2. hi talal and all
    i coudnt see the program but i know that u did well bec masha2 all 3lak know how to present anything u want in very intresting way so good luck to u
    good luck all 🙂

  3. Muwaleiya … Thanks for the comment and for spending the time watching the interview … 🙂

    Mr. Bahrani, you know that people have different personality types, but I think we have the same one. Since the beginning of the program, I always think of our graduation ceremony. I think we will be so happy together when we graduate inshallah sooon ya bu 7asson.

    Hussain, Thanks brother … I was happy in the Knowledge Sharing class because you and I were the only males in the class :p

    “Knowledge Sharing class was the best class ever in my life. The best doctor, with respect to all the professors, doctors and faculty in the department, but I really enjoyed being in that class for many many reasons, I can’t count them … What a wonderful experience … Thanks to all the Professors, doctors, faculty and students of DLIS for their contribution, without you all we can’t succeeded”

    Bashayer … You have to see it hmmm .. if I have the video, I will let Mr. Bahrani to post it online inshallah soon. Thanks for the comment … I have learned alot from you all. Your comments and suggestions helped me to improve my self.

    I’m wondering how can we communicate with each other without this blog … How would we know what’s going on!

    THANKS to all of you who had the time to watch the interview, and for those who didn’t watch it. Mr. Bahrani will post it soon 🙂

    Talal Al-Bannai

  4. Mashallah ya bo nasser testahal kil 5air..

    unfortunately I missed it.. I was out of country.. 😦

    but I know you have done your best and I can’t wait to see it here…

    we also have learned from you a lot… you always have been respectful to all of us and didn’t hurt anyone at all.. so thanx for the program to know someone like you..


  5. Talal… i have the video on DVD-Ram… but i have to convert it to my pc and then Youtube it. it you have a easy better way i appreciate it.

    Talal, about this blog, i think the best thing in the program is the blog 🙂 to see you and other friends comment here bring me joy and happiness ( Just Like how wetny husten says it 🙂

    I will post it soon, just let the ceremony end today.

  6. inshala 6alal i will see it when m7md will post it… i really wanted to see it but i couldnt bec i was tired from the gym 😛
    so m7md plz when u post the interview tell me 🙂

  7. Thanks Saleh for the comment, I really appreciate it. I hope that you had fun in Dubai, and hope to see you soon. 🙂

    Mr. Bahrani waiting for you because I still didn’t see it, and to tell you the truth, I don’t want to 😛 I’m really afraid that I can’t sleep after I see my self heheheheh

    Bashaer, you should take us to the gym with you coz I have gained so many kilos from eating Bacha 😛

  8. i think u gained also from the food u brought when any one has a presentation right? 😛
    i didnt lost that much either from the gym
    so tell me when u want to lose weight and i will ashj3k 🙂

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