2009 Graduation

costaLast night graduation was more than great. First the hotel, Costa de sol was something new to me, a small new hotel with modern and beautiful interior. At the end it was a great choice.

Second, the ceremony. I cant describe it. but to see most of the graduating students that you knew before, worked with, joint classes, and shared pains. to see these people sitting there with that brilliant smile on their faces and shining eyes, that was something extraordinary.

Third. to be a master of ceremony and interact with the dean mr.Abdul-reda aseeri ( who was a very nice guy and simple ), with Dr,Hussain, and Dr,Samir. To be at the center of the lights and see all the staff members and guests stairing at you, now that is someting not easy, but make feel good about your self.

Fourth, Thank you Talal and Abdullah, you both did great. Yaser also was there to receive his gift from the Arabic Advance Company for being the only A student in the LIS Department ( a laptop ).

Sorry if i dont have any photos because i was busy with the ceremony, but i promise you soon i will have the photos and maybe the full video of that great party.

Next year i dont know who is going to be master of ceremony . I hope its not me because i hope to be sitting in the graduating student seats, me and the rest of fellow students.


One thought on “2009 Graduation

  1. Masha allah.. wallah they deserve it..

    I have worked with all of them, and I know for sure that they have done their best to achieve the certificate..

    I know that most of them are mothers and have so many responsibilities in their social life.. so MABRUK sisters and well done Mohammed, Abdullah, and Talal for your efforts in making the ceremony so successful… we are all proud of you guys..

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