Ceremony Pics


Thank you Naseema for the photos. these photos were taken from Naseema camera.

One thing that i forgot to mention in the graduating post. The students speech by Wadha Al-Shalal. that was a great speech that came from the heart. i could see every one smiling during the speech. ill try to post it soon.


7 thoughts on “Ceremony Pics

  1. Thank you Dr. Samir and Prof. Sajjad for your lovely speeches.
    Thank you Mohammad, Talal, and Abdulla for your efforts in the ceremony.
    And thank you to everyone who participated in making it such a wonderful ceremony.
    It was a great ceremony. I and my family have enjoyed it very much.
    Actually my friend was with me in the ceremony, and she just loved the LIS department wehther the students or the faculty members. I am really proud of being a graduate of this unforgetable department.

  2. Mashkooreen ya jema3a wayed.. the ceremony was great!!!!the faculty speech was great…Wadhas speech was amazing…Mohamad khosh 3areef 7afla :))) i wish u all the best.. oo al fal lokom inshalaa;;;;i am really proud of being a KU graduate :))
    salami lel jamee3
    all the best
    Hayoona 😛

  3. We were very happy for the graduates. We wish you all the best and a successful life, and hope to see you next year in our graduation. It was an honor to be with you guyz in the classess … Thanks to all the graduates, Mohammad, Abdullah all the professors, doctors, faculty including Gloria and the organizers. 🙂 wahhoOOoooOoooOOooo

  4. Naseema, it was a pleasure to meet your father and uncle. such nice guys.

    Haya and Naseema say: “proud of being a KU graduate ” and i join them in that feeling.

    Talal and Saleh, i hope to join you next year and sit next to you both and Abdullah.

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