Macheal Jackson


In my other blog “Yarab” i had a post two years old about an islamic song by Michael Jackson and the news that he converted to Islam. Now when i check the status of that blog i can see a large shift in the status for that post only due to the recent  death of Michael Jackson. As you can see in the graph up the post, on the 27th of this month that blog recorded 1,181 visits in one day only. 652 of these visits for that post about Michael Jackson.

I dont know how to interpret this information, but i guess it give a good example of how the Internet users shift their interest and search patterns in one day following the current events and according to their information needs.

And by the way, the regular visits for the blog is around 300 visits a day.


8 thoughts on “Macheal Jackson

  1. This is a hill one good observation Mohammed..

    I think users in general are only interacting with the recent events according to its publicity, I mean there are so many events worldwide that are important to us and humanity, but many people are not shifting their interests to them.. probably coz its not of their concern, this is one possibility for sure..

    I will ask you a question? what was the last time you have shifted your interests and search pattern in subject like Global Warming or Migration patterns.. can we say that these very known issues, which are important to many people in the world are of concern to general public, just the like case in Michael Jackson?..

    What if your post in the “Yarab” Blog last year was about the 2 subjects I mentioned, would it be visited like the one in case of Michael Jackson..

    and finally, what do you think of those 1,181 people who visited the post, are they really interested in Michael Jackson himself or they are only visited it coz of some chitchatting with other and wanted to be exposed to the subject without any interest of him..

    Thanks to brought up this here.. its really interesting..

  2. Some how i agree, but dont forget one thing. Even if people now dont search for global worming and Migration patterns now, if any news come on CNN or BBC regarding that matter and effect Kuwait or the Gulf area, i can grantee you that you will be the first one to log in the Internet and start searching about it. Teachers at school and at the universities will start giving their students assignments and test about it. Even newspaper journalists will start searching and talking about it. Dont you agree ?

  3. This is exactly what I mean..

    As a result the shifting of interest and searching patterns to a particular subject or topic is dependable on its publicity and relativity the user..

    But why? dose it make you feel safe, secure, or more knowledgeable to search for a specific topic like Michael Jackson? Or just for fun?

  4. Just the other day. i was listening to the Dewaniya radio show at Marina FM while i was driving home from work. the interesting thing that i herd while the guys at the show were talking is that it is known that Kuwaiti’s think that they should know every thing, About the elections, Stock exchange, Politics, Sports, International news, and all.

    You can ask a Kuwaiti a question and he wouldn’t say: I dont know. we are becoming more like Egyptians .

  5. loooooooool why Egyptians 🙂

    and you right even without listing to the radio, yes Kuwaitis don’t have a specilization in a particular area of knowledge.. they know every think from “يقولون” agency 🙂

    but don’t you think this is a very positive thing that a community like us know every thing..?!!!

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