Silly twitter

The new trend now on the Internet is twitter. After the blogs, facebook, myspace, youtube, metacafe, comes twitter.

I could never understand what is so important about twitter. So i decided to try it and register there. But I never used it because its useless and lame.

I guess the following video enplane it all.


6 thoughts on “Silly twitter

  1. Salaaam..

    Well, Estath I’ve heard about it, and it isn’t that useless I guess.
    I didn’t try it myself, but from what I’ve heard, it’s like sms but it’s online..
    So instead of sending a specific msg to all ur contacts in ur mobile, u can send it to all ur contacts but online.

    So some people see it as an important thing.. For example, in the case of elections, advertising, good news, bad events, etc.. Instead of sending sms or e-mails, u can use that twitter.

    I think when people get used to it, it will become so popular.


  2. I understand what your saying Muwaleiya, But who have the time to type and send information about every thing he sees or do in his life. people are getting crazy and some time the information they send to twitter are really nonsense and useless. and i think the video in this post really demonstrate that. I agree it could be used in a useful way in special occasions, but what is really being done is waste of time.

  3. Exactly.. But estath Bahrani notice that people like anything & everything new even if it’s a waste of time.

    People are useing twitter the same way they use facebook, youtube & e-mails.
    As u see, almost 50% of the uses of the previous names are useless & nonsense.

    So people can decide whether they wanna make it useless or useful as using the internet itself. Sometimes it is being used for getting knowledge, for learning, and sometimes it’s just being used to have fun and to make time past.

    I’ve heard estath that people knew that Obama won the elections via their twitter even before broadcasting it on the national tv.

    So it may not be that silly. I think it depends on the personal uses. 🙂


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