Afaq now online


5 thoughts on “Afaq now online

  1. 2afaa8 is my favorite newspaper.
    When u read it, u feel like all topics are interesting and almost all faces are familiar.
    Moreover, it’s colorful lol 🙂

    I like it. Aafaq really contains many storys of different fields.

    It is soOo great to have it online.


  2. That’s true, i like it two. and now that its online i think it will be easier to reach. I do think it needs to be improved with more interesting subjects that really affect the students. Like how to do research and IT related material. Don’t you think so

  3. Wow this is good ONLINE !!!

    I remember I was a writer in that newspaper back in 2000…

    I have published many annoying articles about few bylaws at that time, which was not right for the students !!! I have also written about the elections and few poems as I remember..

    I agree with mohammed in terms of interesting subjects that would benefit the students though his academic journey at the university…

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