Yesterday i received an email from Naseema with the following information :

“The human brain cell can hold 5 times as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannic”

This was so funny, and the photo illustrating that information i think speak the truth. I cant even memories ten questions for the exam, how can i with my small brain memories the Britannica.

Nasseema, you have such high hope s and think highly of the human race. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Contradictions

  1. hi m7md
    h r u?
    how are u all?
    i think u can memorize if u like the subject and i think u cant memorized what u are studying bec u dont like it that much :p

  2. Hi Bashayer…. Sweet Bashayer…. !!!

    Your are right. if you like the subject sooooo much … then maybe you can memories it.

    But no matter how much you like any subject. with life pressures and daily affairs i think it will be not easy to memorize one line.

    I guess what you are doing is referring to you situation with the LIS program, am i right 🙂 ?

  3. Hallooooooooo Bashayer how are you sis…

    you didn’t visit us lately..

    we are all fine enshallah, bas 6amnenah hows things going on with you.. I heard from the little bird that you have got your degree in psychology this semester 🙂

  4. Mohammad I guess we cant even memorise ten questions for the exam, simply because our brains’ memory is full and old. Look at the kids how they memorise things quickly and easily unlike older people 🙂

  5. yeah i drop from the program bec i couldnt memorize anything bec i hate it 😦

    im fine saleh and who told u ?
    no i didnt pass the psychology exam 😦 and i didnt know when the right time to come and see u all.

    so elbrka feekm t5l9on o tstanson 🙂
    good luck to u all

  6. Naseema: Yes, it is true. also our life is full of numbers, information, things to do, tv programs, news, gossip, social duties, and fantasies. There is no place for any more new information. Is there a possibility that i can get a memory upgrade in Hawally?

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