Information science or library science ?

In English, our discipline is titled LIS, Library and Information Science, which in Arabic translated to مكتبات وعلوم المعلومات. But when you search the internet and the University guide book you will find the discipline is titled as علوم المكتبات والمعلومات

I dont know why the title in Arabic is not translated as it is from English ! I think its more useful and reasonable to have علوم معلومات . In the age of science and technology i think the science of libraries is dissolving in Information science.

Library science and information science are two closely-related and often intersecting disciplines that deal primarily with the organization and retrieval of information.

Library science is an interdisciplinary social science incorporating the humanities, law and applied science and studying topics related to libraries; the collection, organization and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information. Library science has also historically included archival science, although a conceptual distinction between libraries and archives has evolved over time.

Amongst the varied topics of study that fall within library science: how information resources are organized to serve the needs of select user groups; how people interact with classification systems and technology; how information is acquired, evaluated and applied by people in and outside of libraries as well as cross-culturally; how people are trained and educated for careers in libraries; the ethics that guide library service and organization; the legal status of libraries and information resources, and the applied science of computer technology used in documentation and records management. Library science is constantly evolving, incorporating new topics like database management, information architecture and knowledge management.

Information science (also referred to as information studies) is an interdisciplinary science primarily concerned with the collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information. Information science studies the application and usage of knowledge in organizations, and the interaction between people, organizations and information systems. It is often, though not exclusively, studied as a branch of computer science or informatics and is closely related to the cognitive and social sciences.


16 thoughts on “Information science or library science ?

  1. Salaaam 🙂
    Estath, I respect ur opinion.
    When u gave the definitions of the terms, u seemed to have a good background about them.
    But am not..
    So am not gonna argue that with you.

    But estathi regarding the “title”as u pointed that it’s being translated in Arabic as:
    علوم المكتبات والمعلومات
    While it must be translated to:
    المكتبات و علوم المعلومات
    Right ? Is this what u meant ?

    Ummm, well if u meant that. I wanna say estath Bahrani that both r correct. BUT, the second one “علوم المكتبات والمعلومات” is more accurate.

    When we say :
    Library AND Information SCIENCE.
    Science here is being referred to both nouns before it. It is as saying (Library Science and Information Science program). That is because of the “AND‏”‏‎ word.

    Meaning what :
    If someone says: Old men and women are happy.
    This sentence can be interpreted to two sentences:
    1. (Old men) and (women) are happy.
    Old men and women with different ages are happy.

    2. (Old men and women) are happy.
    Old men and old women are happy.

    So estathi, number 1 is what u r saying, and number 2 is what am saying.

    Notice that both are correct, both r being used in English.. But in our case with the title, it is being interpreted as in number 2 colleaugue 🙂

    Is that clear estathi.
    Sorry estath if am interrupting, but I would love to argue with u folk.


  2. WoW, What did you say your major is? It must be English. I wish P.Mumtaz is here next year, you would have got along well 🙂

    And i have to say that you must work as a teacher because you explane your self very well.

    Ok then. why did not they say ‘علوم المعلومات والمكتبات ? and by the way, the program name is changing in one or two years.

  3. Hhhhhh 🙂
    A5jalt tawa’6e3na estath 🙂

    I’ve heard that alot “u r such a good teacher” when I teach my friends, cousins and even my teachers themselves..
    Although estath I’ve never worked as a teacher lol I’ve never worked before hhh just graduted from English department yeah 🙂

    But is that obvious ? Did u get it ?


  4. And yeah for ur question..

    Cuz as u see it is Library then Information Science..
    So it got to be translated first 🙂

    And estath what is the name that it’s gonna be changed to ? Do u have any idea ?


  5. If i did’nt get it, why then i said that you are a good teacher, and i was right then!!!!

    it obvious from the way you explain things, its clear, systematic, and clear.

  6. Yes, its going to be Information Management. Thats if they succeed in the transition. The problem is that there are not enough staff members to teach all the three tracks of the new curriculum.

  7. I hope so, but i doubt it. Its toooo late for me. I wont get a scholarship from Kuwait University. And if get my own scholarship the university wont approve it as a teacher in their institution.

    Unless you go study in PEAAT, then i have a chance to teach you there 😉

  8. Muwaleiya.. after knowing that you have graduated from English department… then why you didn’t join their master program.. then you would have more chances in teaching in the department if you wanted.. it even open you more oppritunities in the market if you are looking for a particular job..

    I think now you should be the English editor of this blog.. 🙂

  9. Well Sayyed,
    There are some reasons..
    O hatha elli alla katba.. El7amdellah..

    Any how am really happy to be a Master student and am even happier to join such a nice community 🙂
    & soOo eager to start, learn and graduate…

    LoOoL.. The English editor !¡
    I would love to..
    I wish I am that good.. 🙂

    Thanx folk.

  10. Thnx bro, its clear now..

    I think our major is more to SCIENCE than ART if you remember the debate that held in our class with Dr.Hussien..

    I don’t know why we are in Social Sciences college, where we should be in Sciences College..

  11. If the curriculum is changed to Information Management, then maybe it will be more appropriate to be under the business college, or the IT department if if exists.

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