New Arabization from Microsoft

Once i wrote about how the new service from google called ta3reeb can help convert Roman characters to Arabic words. Now Microsoft has just came up with a competitor called Microsoft Maren which allows you to type Arabic in Roman characters (Romanized Arabic, Arabizi, Arabish or Franco-Arabic) and have it converted on the fly to Arabic script.Maren integrates seamlessly with Windows and works in most Windows applications and websites.

Now as you can see from the video the program is coded with Egypetian words, so i dont know how well it will work with Kuwaiti Arabic. Will it do the job or not? you will be the gudge i guess.


8 thoughts on “New Arabization from Microsoft

  1. You know Saleh, i used to master this language where you write Arabic in Roman characters. It was much easy back then. But now i cant understand anything, number 6 is ص, number 3 Is ع, number 9 is something else, and so on. It wasn’t like that before. I think i need to use this software to translate what others write to me sometimes not for me to write with.

  2. Ya you right, but how come you forget such things and not to understand anything anymore..

    I have used this language many times.. I remember I have used it heavily when I was studying in Glasgow.. but now I rarely use it..

    and by the way, I have used 6 as ط and 9 as ص..

  3. Because ya Saleh, it was not like that before, we did not u se numbers back in the 90’s. T is for ط, S for ص, and so one. When i read it now i have to analyze what each number means first just to understand the content.

    So back then, Saleh is Saleh, not 9aleh.

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