Seattle Central Public Library


Can any one tell me what 810 indicate ?

plz without cheating from the Internet


P.S: The winner will receive a GIFT


27 thoughts on “Seattle Central Public Library

  1. What others Saleh? What others ?

    People are so selfish, im giving up, giving up on people who receive and dont provide, people who are so cheap to give one minute of their time to participate, people who dont find it worth it to write any thing, people who are suppose to be information professionals but they are so unworthy of the title, people who just read and dont want to be part of any thing, people who give away years of efforts and time spend for nothing just to be wasted.

    Just forget it Saleh ! forget it.

  2. Brother.. please calm down for a little..

    I believe what you have just said is completely 100% correct.. but what you gonna do if people wont change..

    I think as you said they suppose to be information professionals and really value the information world..

    I am gonna tell this..

    1. continue in what you are doing…
    2. you should believe that this blog is for your own benefits
    3. dont bother yourself with people.. try to get them out of your head
    4. if you wanna success, its gonna be by your own..
    5. people will come one day and will thank you for this blog ( am one of them bro )

    today I wanted to call you and tell you that I have shown your blog to the people in KISR..

    they have said so many wonderful things about it.. I eve thought to tell them that this my BLOG 🙂 just to feel excited about their complements 🙂

    dont feel frustrated.. believe me it doesn’t worth it.. people always want to have things but not to return anything.. this is the human nature I think.. so be happy in what you have in your hands..

    you’re the best bro..

    by the way you have won the context.. it is a DDC number and its the “American literature in English” section..

  3. OoOow..
    Sayyed, I agree with u in what u were saying..
    I said it many time and I’ll keep saying it million times (Thank u estath Bahrani) cuz u really deserve it.
    U as well Sayyed, thank u for answering all my questions & making everything so clear.

    And be sure Estath I’ll always try to participate & provie new information & ideas as much as I can in this spectacular blog 🙂


  4. I know, and i thank you both,
    ولكن . لا حياة لمن تنادي

    Im not giving up, but sometimes i get frustrated. I feel that people are so indifferent.

    🙂 Dont worry about me, i will be ok.

  5. okay, first of all, im new here & i have to say from a first glance & scanning the blog as fast as i could, i liked it! keep it up!

    about this question, i have no idea but what i got after seeing the pic was (sorry i dont know what its called in Englsih so im just gonna write in Arabic): enni6’am el3ishry? النظام العشري u know, the one about the تصنيف الكتب book classifying…
    i could be way wrong (cuz i dont know what the “8” represent really…) but thats what comes to my mind whenever i see the pic …

    & if i was right (which im not sure about) i just wanna say i didnt cheat.

  6. I’m guessing that you are right, النظام العرشي is called Dewie Decimal System “DDC”. And if you go up this page and click on the DDC Table” link you will find that 810 refers to “American literature in English”.

    Saleh, give us the prize we will share it, me and Mr anonymous 🙂

  7. oh, yes, now u reminded me of it’s full name! Dewie! نظام ديوي العشري!!

    شخباري و الله!

    ok, that means we got close? cool!

    i just checked the link .. oh, wow! they’ve got some American literature, haven’t they?!! 😀

    to M.Bahraini:

    if u were referring to me by Mr. Anonymous, im not anonymous. my name is Just & im a Ms. 🙂

  8. Just Just ??

    Only Saleh can say if we are close or not !
    And welcome to our blog. Can i ask how are you related to our discipline? and how did you find out about this blog ?

  9. yes, just “Just” 😛
    it’s short for just a bunch of thoughts, my blog name 🙂 (its set for private at the mean time but u can try visiting it when i re-open it for the public again)

    as for the questions:
    1. im not quite sure i got the first one right.. what do u mean by “your discipline? ”
    2. how did i find out about ur blog? im not exactly sure… i guess i saw ur link in one of the blogs i visited as i was browsing & discovering new ones today. this is how it usually happens with me 🙂

    i just find education related topics interesting so i took a quick first look at ur blog & found it interesting 🙂

  10. oh, u mean if im in the same field? oh, no, im not. i just happen tp like the topic on its own. ive always liked library info & education in general. 🙂

    in sha allah i will send u the link 🙂

  11. Hallo Ms “JUST” and welcome to our blog.. Hope you enjoy staying with us and participate as much as you can 🙂

    well, Both of you are giving the right ANSWER..

    what I like about the pic is the system of distributing the numbers of DDC.. I never saw such a thing in life.. The Americans have such a hell wonderful thinking of designing things..

    Ms JUST If you think one day to study our field and be expose to the Dewey Decimal Calssification System and giving some assignments and exercise to classify a topic you wouldn’t say ” شخباري ” 🙂

    Mohammed I assume that the prize cannot be shared among others it is only for one person.. either you take it or leave it to Ms JUST or our friend muwalyia.. what do you say…? 🙂

    “JUST” keep visiting us..

  12. hey Saleh, thnx, in sha Allah i will keep visiting 🙂

    im not sure i got this:

    “Ms JUST If you think one day to study our field and be expose to the Dewey Decimal Calssification System and giving some assignments and exercise to classify a topic you wouldn’t say ” شخباري ” ”

    do u mean its an ongoing learning system, right? i only said sh5bary about the name “Dewey” cuz i have forgotten it, & becuz the last time i took mktabat was YEARS ago! so its old for me. but its not old for me to go to the library & get to search for the books using that system…

    btw, its interesting how the way is really done. so many books yet so organized!
    so, i can only imagine the amount of time & energy it takes to classify! well done, truly well done 🙂

    & i agree on the way the numbers in the pic are displayed! utterly convenient, since so many ppl usually look at the floor when they’re walking! so its really amazing!

  13. Just: i think what Saleh means is that we used to say the thing before enrolling in the master program, and to tell you truth i still do say شخباري نظام ديوي ؟!؟

    I have been complaining for over a year now that every thing is automated now and computer software can do wonders, just fill the blanks and the system will do work for you, but it seems that for just the sake of knowing the basic instruction of how things work we have to suffer and learn every thing manually.

    I said it before and i say it again ” I hate Dewey”

    FYI Just. we only study DDC in one class, the rest of our study is concentrated on seeking and locating information manually and digitally. And the Program name will be changed in a couple of yours to “Information Management”.

    Its a long topic but libraries are now being called information centers as they provide more than traditional books. Library services now include digital information, Databases, Networking, and the list go on.

    Blah, Blah, Blah… sorry 🙂

  14. M.Bahrani:

    yeah, ur right technology has helped a lot in making the job easier, still the manual side cannot be ignored. & information centers as a replacement name for libraries is understandable, since they dont provide only books anymore.

    & no need to say sorry! feel free to say more.

    btw, why do u hate Dewey?

  15. Hi JUST..

    I said it coz I felt horrible studying it. as mohammed pointed out we were saying “are we really studying Libraries”, but it comes at the end were we felt pumped out from the way these systems were created and developed..

    on the other hand, I enjoy studying the basics of any system, which makes me more capable to understand it.. yes technology helped us in many ways, but i still agree with you that manual side cannot be ignored at all. I know Mohammed very well, he is a really smart person and likes technology, but he gets frustrated very quickly from manual systems.. in other words, if you ask him to classify a book title based on LCSH from the manual system “The Big Red Volumes” he will give you a 100 K.D just to forget about.. 🙂 am I right bro? heheheh

    and by the way.. Libraries never been replaced with the term Information centers.. the information organizations have been divided into 4 main categories:
    1. Archives and Records
    2. Electronic Information Services
    3. Libraries and Information Centers
    4. Knowledge Management Services

  16. aha, i understand. i say that i hate English (my fave subject ever & major) too when im struck with writer’s block & i have an essay to write & the deadline is near! heehee

    thnx for the correction about the topic 🙂

  17. May Allah be with you JUST, we are in vacation but not quite a vacation 🙂

    Mohammed the categories is base on the system analysis class with prof. Chuadhry..

    we were studying the different systems in Information Organizations.. the categories above describe the types of Info. Org. we have..

    To make more clear read the following:

    1. Archives and records:
    multimedia archives; repositories, manuscript collections; and document management systems.

    2. Electronic information services:
    electronic publishing; commercial information retrieval services; abstracting and indexing services.

    3. Libraries and information centers:
    academic, public, and special libraries; technical information centers; corporate information services.

    4. Knowledge management services:
    knowledge management units within organizations and knowledge repositories

    If you have any question ask Prof. Chuadhry 🙂

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