My Photostream

I am posting this because Mr.Talal made me remember that I was a very active photographer.. but unfortunately I stopped taking photos because of the master and I assume most of you know what I mean  🙂

Anyway here are some of my photos, which I hope to see your valuable comments specially you Tala since you are a professional photographer..

Drama CAR accident !!!!

Lost In Prison

Looking At My Future

The Bench

Believe in uR Love!!

Once Upon A Time..

Electrical Danger

The Silent Windos

RIG Truck

The lonly Tree..

Kuwait History

U can also check all my photos on the following  link

Al Fatimi


7 thoughts on “My Photostream

  1. Mohammed my photos now looks like a small rabbit now.. the size before looks nicer bro..

    and the link to my photostream at the end is no longer working…

    انا عصبت الحين 🙂

  2. Nice photos Saleh.

    The link is working now, sorry. but from day one your user name is linked with the same URL at Flicker. so dont worry.

    About the size Saleh, yes, sorry but too many photos with too much size for the post. I think the users can see the full size images at the Flicker site.

    Good work.

  3. Man, I told you my feedback before. You have a talent, and if I were you, I would improve my skills and keep photographing. Excellent job Sayyed, and I hope to see more photos in your flickr account 🙂

  4. Thank you Fereej for your comment 🙂

    oh my god mohammed, how come I forget that my user name is linked to my flicker account.. lolo thnx for reminding me.. I told u,u smart !!!

    thnx talal, I hope to have the time just to practice the profession that I most like.. but time time time time is really not in hand..

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