THOUQ Magazine issue 18, cover page photography by Talal AlBannai

THOUQ cover issue 18

Issue No. 18
Photography by Talal Al-Bannai
Art Direction by Bader Al-Hejailan
Styling by May Al-Qassar

The new issue of the amazing fashion and lifestyle magazine THOUQ is out …  Kindly check the new issue and let us know your comments and opinion.  Your feedback is highly appreciated.   You can also check THOUQ website


28 thoughts on “THOUQ Magazine issue 18, cover page photography by Talal AlBannai

  1. I can see that you are getting active again Talal!!!

    I like the photo, but dont you think that the white shoes dont go well with the rest of the general colors 🙂

    Second, What trick did you use to convince the poor girl to lay on the stairs like this and stretch her legs?

    Third, Why dont you do a photo shot for the students of LIS? I would like that very much.

    Good work, Keep it going pal.

  2. Thanks for the comments brother Bahrani. I’m always active 😛

    The shoes suppose to be metallic ya3ni goldish .. You and I have to see the issue to debate 😛

    No tricks, it’s simple, you just ask the model to lay down to get a tan 😛

    Third question is hard 😛 I don’t know how to answer it. I would love two, and I know you are a perfect model 😛 hehehe just kidding.

    Let’s do a plan for this year … it would be an interesting subject … on each class we have to take a photo and post it in the blog! .. ya3ni we will end up with more than 100 photos !! wow 😛

    Thanks for your support Mr. Bahrani 🙂

  3. WoooooW Mr.Tal… you are professional bro..

    You know I have visited the website and it looks great magazine and love to join the team.. but the problem is with the models I am afraid to work with them this will cause me divorce hehehehehe 🙂 …

    well if you need my professional opinion on the photo I would say the following:

    1. The main object ( The Model ) of the photo shouldn’t be in the middle ( Triangulation or Tripling Rule ) unless you are considering your photo as a Portrait..

    2. It is more appropriate if you take it from another angel to focus more on the object. the shoes is very closely to the edge of the photo..

    you keep it up bro.. you deserve it and wish you all luck..

  4. Thanks dude for the comments … You know when you work as a team with an Art Director, you have to look in their eyes … I might like photos that has not published in the magazine, but at the end you give them your opinion, but the decision at the end will be by them 🙂

    Man, you can photograph male models 😛 it’s allowed loOol

  5. One more thing, if you follow the rule of third for composing this photo, then you will notice that the model’s head is in one of the vertical intersection…

    Sayyed, not everything is by the book :p

  6. Hi all, Good job Talal.. you always take unusual photos..i enjoyed reading the last issues of THOUQ which you gave us last semester..thanks again..i will buy the new issue and tell you my opinion, but if you want to give it for free i dont mind 🙂

  7. Male Models umm great then I might join the team 🙂

    and you right not every thing is by the book..

    it is only an opinion and you have done a spectacular work..

    Fatma nice to see you around..

  8. Mohamed i will bring you their Scottish suit i think they call it “kilt” with their musical instrument we call it “haban” 🙂
    by the way, i went to the British Library in London ..i took some photos there i will send them to you as soon as i download them.

  9. Coooooooooooooool, we will have a new post then, Fatma in Scotland, just like we had before with Talal, Fadhel, and me in Romania 🙂

    Have a good time there Fatma, enjoy before hell break loose in October and LIS master program.

  10. no offense to the photographer or whoever directed that girl to lie in that position, the pic to me (& im talking about the feeling it gave me not from a photography point of view), somehow, the position she is in, seems like she’s helpless & has surrendered herself, possibly to the laws of fashion & addiction. so if that’s the reason why she was chosen to lie like that, then the message is sent. & the stairs indicate pain & unease. so the girl is helplessly addicted to style & fashion but she’s hurting.

    for those previous theories i mentioned, i think the pic is good. however, i didnt like it to be on a cover of a fashion magazine. its not a happy picture.

  11. Just, thanks for your comment. THOUQ style is different, if it was a usual photo, then your reaction will not be like this. You might pass by the photo without staring at it and exploring what the photographer is trying to deliver. I’m very excited for your explanation, and I’m sure that each of us will explain it in a different way. That of course depends on the background of the person, his/her experience … and so on. Again, thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it 🙂

  12. You are righ Talal, i remember one of your photos, on the cover page, the model face was upside-down..i put it in my small library in home and my son asked me, you put the magazine in opposite way, i told him no the phtographer took it in that way..which make him took the magazine and see it maybe to understand the purpose.
    Mohamed..i think u r saving your money for something..So, why you did not take the practicum in summer وافتكيت ?

  13. Fatma, you are right, all the money is going to the house, house, house, a big hall to fill with furniture and accessories that never finish 😦

    And Fatma again, i think you are right about the photo how it should be attracting in a strange way so it would be eye catching, i think there is an art school for that but i dont know the name of as am a bad photographer and not an expert.

    About the practicum. i will start with it first thing next semester before we get busy with assignments and the exams.

    Fatma, still waiting for green photos of Scotland. and i wish you can write the post your self, you will be better explaining it as you are living the atmosphere.

    Talal, i wish you can write the story of how you did take this photo 🙂 i really do, i think it will be interesting to read 🙂

    Just, i agree with you on the unease part. the first thing i thought about when i saw the photo is how uncomfortable she was, thats why i asked Talal on the first comment: “What trick did you use to convince the poor girl to lay on the stairs like this and stretch her legs?”. But to get the audience attraction you have try to make it awkward i think.

  14. Talal,

    ur welcome. i like catchy photography, & yeah, i knew the “attraction” element is the a huge part of the reason of that particular position of the model. but that’s not what distracted my thoughts. the pic (in addition to the catchy part) should sell smth, & in this case, fashion, & i didnt get that. i was more attracted to why she was lying there like that, & what is wrong with her? & since it’s a fashion magazine, some happy/good fashion theme should be the first thing the pic shows. & in that pic, fashion (in the good/happy way) wasnt displayed to me. instead, the bad side of it (fashion victims/addicts) was. so, thats why i thought it was a bit confusing & a little over board to be on a cover of a fashion magazine (unless, the topic was about fashion victims, then that’s another story!)
    i was quite surprised after i learned that the mag was a fashion related one. i thought it was contemporary/youth/general-topic one. instead of thinking about what dress & shoes she’s wearing (the fashion) i was more interested in why she was wearing them & lying there like that (the social/mental backgrounds).
    im against the mag being different at all (im totally for being unique) , i was just not interested in the theme that was supposed to be sold, cuz it wasnt evident to me.
    but thats just my personal opinion, of course 🙂

    yeah, it’s also scary too.

  15. Wow Fatma Scotland.. you definitely have chosen the right place at the right time.. I hope you enjoy it as well as your family.. don’t forget to visit “Loch Lomond” in the north, you will see things that you have never saw in life.. there is a place where they call “The Source of the origin water” that supplies all Scotland norther cities with freshwater.. and we will wait your post for the pics…

    JUST you have described the photo very well.. I do agree with all of you in explaining what you have felt about it, actually this is the beauty of it.. each one will feel differently from the other and on the other hand, a professional photographer should make the massage of the photo direct, transparent, and clear to the audience.. otherwise what is the reason of taking it..

  16. Fatma, Thanks for your comment, and I’m so happy to hear that you have a copy of the magazine in your library, and the story of your son 🙂

    Ms. Just & Mr. Saleh,
    The message is very clear, and to the point. if you read what’s in the cover, you will notice that it says “alsafat”. In this photo shoot we focus mainly on the architecture beauty of a famous kuwaiti place that has been neglected, and many people may not have seen it yet. Both models in the cover and in the story are young kuwaitis, Saleh you might know the model once you see his photos. What’s interesting about THOUQ magazine and the team who worked in this cover are all young kuwaitis, and you rarely find that in a local magazine.

    In this cover, we are not trying to sell the dress or the shoe or the accessories that has been used. The fashion of this cover is just a 20% of the photo. The main focus again is on Alsafat area, the stairs, the lines and so on.

    I really like this discussion, and your point of view. if it was a regular photo, you wouldn’t even comment on it. But once people comment on a photo, or a topic. it means that it has an impact on people either positively or negatively . But of course the interpretation will be different. For instance, A blue color for some people means sadness and that’s why you hear the saying “I feel blue today”, and for some, it means happy and enjoyment. For my self, I really like a blue color. It makes me feel relax 🙂

    with compliments from the photographer 🙂

  17. I agree with you Talal your photo is great to make us arguing the way we do now.. so well done bro..

    Mohammed: this is the beauty of photographing.. makes every feel the way he/she think… I love it 🙂

  18. wow, i never thought i’d be away that long hee hee, i got so many stuff to do… okay, on to my reply:

    well, yes, when we think of the “place” then the picture is more than beautiful… i wasnt aware of the mag before, & now that u’ve talked more about it, & after looking at the mag’s site, i think i got the perspectives of the mag… & thus i can see why that position was taken. its like she’s hugging the stairs by lying there on them…(i still wish she was more cheerful-smiling)
    i loved another pic i saw on the site of a guy pressing his hands against a wide pole (or whatever they call that thing!) which gave out the similar clear message…

    i wish i could see all the pix..

    great job! 🙂

  19. Ms. Just,

    You have to get a copy of the magazine. It’s really unique and has so many helpful information and knowledge. For their 5 years anniversary, they changed the size of the magazine, and now it’s so huge! it’s like reading a newspaper or a poster! Everyone is impressed by the size and the design. Some likes it, and some still not used to it! we sometimes or most of the time resist to change! Ms. Just, take a look at the magazine, and let us know what do you think or how can we improve it. We really like people’s ideas, comments, and feedback 🙂

    Looking forward for your next comment 🙂

  20. oh, i will def get my hands on one in sha Allah & tell u what i think & maybe contribute too 🙂

    wow, 5 years already? ma sha Allah!

    where was i???? -_-‘


    how big is it? i dont like huge mags! but if its like Bazaar, then, its alright 😀
    aham shy ree7at-ha plz! i hope u use a good kind of non-smelly paper!

  21. You remind me of Abdullah, Who like to smell old books. Once we were in the library at Kuwait University and he was like crazy smelling books all around and wouldn’t let go. When you look at him you have to laugh because he looks like an addict. Maybe its the glue !!!!

  22. hee hee but on the contrary of that Abdullah guy (i dont think im familiar with him), i HATE smelly paper! from what ur saying about that guy, i get that he does that cuz maybe he likes to smell paper? well, i dont. but some mags here have a very strong smell that just hits once u open the first page! mostly Kuwaiti publications ive noticed (which happen to be pricey too).. i dont know why they use that kind of paper.. is it becuz its stronger, or is it becuz its more valuable thus make more profits?? hmmmm… gotta ask about that!!

    & about smelly old book, i dont like those either!
    LOL u just made me think of smelling new books & if they differ according to smell or not from old books! ha! i just smelled this novel (which is pretty much new) i have & it smells good actually! hee hee (but not for a strong sniff though!)

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