The Information Officer (eBook)

The Information Officer (eBook)
by Mark Mills

The much-anticipated new historical crime thriller from the award-winning author of the No 1 bestseller ‘The Savage Garden’ You want to know who I am? I’m the last living soul you’ll ever set eyes on. For the people of Malta in 1942, suffering daily bombing raids from the Luftwaffe, the British Army represent their only hope of defending their lone outpost in Nazi waters. And it is Max Hitchcock’s job to make certain the islanders keep thinking that. It is he who ensures the news and statistics they receive inspire the islanders in their fight.When Max hears shocking news that suggests a British officer may be murdering local women, he knows what he has to do. Whether the killings are political or personal, the consequences of discovery are dire. So Max launches his own investigation to find the truth before anyone else. For with the future of the island at stake, Max realizes this is one piece of information he must do anything to protect…

Format: eBook (ePub)

Date of publication: 30/04/2009

Publisher: HarperCollins e-books

Language: English

ISBN: 9780007322657


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