The Kuwait Bookshop

The Kuwait Bookshop has been around for a pretty long time and although its not a Barnes & Noble it does have a pretty decent collection of books and magazines. If I am not mistaken I think it actually has the largest collection of books and magazines in Kuwait. Because its an old bookshop they have a lot of older books that sometimes can be pretty interesting. The bookshop is located in the basement of Muthana Complex and its a very quiet and cozy place with friendly and informed staff. There is a lot of parking which is a plus. Their phone number is 22423876 in case you need to ask about a book.

From Mark’s blog


7 thoughts on “The Kuwait Bookshop

  1. how come mawlatna you’ve never been there..

    have you visited Al Muthana Complex ever.. if yes, have you ever went to the basement, if yes, how come you never saw it??…

    as mohammed said its one of the oldest bookshops in Kuwait.. I always visit it when I go to Al Muthana complex.. even without buying anything its nice to walk through the corridors..

  2. Saleh, did you visit BORDERS book shop in Glasgow, in Buchanan street? was of the best bookstores in the world..i really like it.

  3. yah of course sis.. I have visited almost all shops in Buchanan and sauchiehall streets…

    I remember that book shop was facing the Buchanana gallerias and was close to the Central Station…

    but did you buy any book from there..?

  4. I bought only one english dictionary and thesaurus, and some stories for my kids know saleh books are heavy, when you travel you are not allowed to take more than 23 K.g for each bag with British Airline, you have to pay for additional kilos..thats why i couldnt buy more books, but i enjoyed walking in that bookstore and watching new publications..:)

  5. HelloOo Sayyed..
    LoOoOoL u still call me mawlatna !! 😀

    Thanks, I appriciate that..

    well mawlana, unfortunately no..
    The last time I went there -I think- I was only 7 or 8 years old, u know to play there in 6eflel musta8bal 🙂
    So I was too young to be interested in books and reading.

    I hope I go there soon inshalla, and I will 🙂


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