Nokia n97 camera lens.


This photo is taken with my Nokia n97 two weeks a go on the beach opposite to Sharq see front while i was wondering with my kids. It makes you wonder how a 5 megabixle mobile phone camera can make any one a good photographer these days ! I like it 🙂

7 thoughts on “Nokia n97 camera lens.

  1. mashalla shaakla ta9wera wathee7 .. ee il7en ilmobillat ehya taa9werha 7luu fa te6la3 il9uura 7lwaa ily m9aweer y7ees nafsaa ouh 9aar moobdee3 bel ta9weer .. 😉

    -Shloun est3maal ilmobile !?

  2. 6umasha: So far, I like it. I dont use e-Go any more as i use it as a blue tooth modem. The touch is not as good as the iphone, but this mobile can do whatever the iphone cant do. its great with good built quality. I just wish the touch was just a little better.

    Saleh: I dont think its my talent, its the mobile. maybe i have the eye for a good scene, but not the talent to take a good photo. I wish i had.

  3. Sorry Talal. your comment was stuck in the spam section i dont know why! even your Avatar was showing there, but not here. It seems that you have a bad relation with WordPress 🙂

    Now about the photo, You know better then me that its more the camera then the camera man these days that make good photos, its more easy now. And you know more then all that im not a good photographer 🙂 but thanks for the complement.

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