Course in etiquette

This morning i have been informed by the ministry that i will be attending a Course in etiquette. As part of the Public Relation Department we get to attend allot of events and ceremonies, sometimes abroad. This require some adequates and duties to be learned and mastered. Now this course in etiquette should be more then enough to teach me how to eat, sit, talk, drink, attend, present, and some times dance in public formal events. When I sit at a table in a restaurant i always wonder which spoon goes with what?  I cant hide that i like the idea and i cant wait to attend this course.


2 thoughts on “Course in etiquette

  1. Mr. Bahrani, you will be lucky if Mr. Tariq Alrujaib is the instructor for the etiquette course. We will be running this course for our trainees, and last week we have sent the invitation for some companies to send their proposals, but we need who train this course in English!

    I’m sure you will have fun, and you will learn a lot. Don’t forget to make me a copy of that course, and specially your notes. Good luck o try to learn new things for ramadhan :p

  2. Thank you Talal, I have no information what so ever about it, i just got informed and i have to dig the rest of the information about the timing and the trainers. A good company is needed in this kind of courses to have more fun. Join me my friend and we shall conquer the world together 🙂

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