This Ramadan i got the best two surprises. Two emails which mean allot for me. Both from my best Professors in LIS Department. The first one is from P.Mumtaz, he is still in the process sof settling down. and he say’s hello to all. These were his own words.

The second email is from Dr.Samir who i already miss and i dont know how the department will be without him. Dr,Samir is now settled in Tennessee starting his research. He will be giving some public lectures there and also a guest lecturer in some courses. He wishes all our DLIS community a happy Eid. The last remark he made in his email was to take good care of the blog and keep it going.

Without these two great men the department will not be the same. I wish them all the luck in the world and hope to see them again one day soon.

Update: Dr. Mumtaz joined the University of the Punjab as HEC Professor. Higher Education Commision (HEC) is the federal government body that funds the public universities. He is teaching two courses to Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) students. This is a post-master degree .