A real Notebook

Dell 2100 Latitude. All you need for school


3 thoughts on “A real Notebook

  1. I dont know bro.. I want to change my Toshiba the end of this year.. the problem is with the design of Dell laptops.. I hate them they look like from the stone age.. what do you say should i buy one since you are the expertise in Dell computers..

  2. Me 2. My kids made my laptop look like a potato Dish 🙂 if i were you i would wait until info-connect on February were you get nice offers.

    The Dell period is over, we have to move on. I agree that Dell’s are tough and hard to bread down. But they lack the look and features.

  3. well for someone who had 7 Toshiba’s,I would say logically Toshiba period is over.. I think coz you’ve being with Dell for a long time you would say something like this..

    for 2 days I was exploring the different deals in the web.. I found the most appropriate one is from Dell.. you can customize your features and get out with a wonderful price.. see the following..

    Intel Core 2 duo P8800 (6MB cache/2 3.66Ghz)
    Ram 8GB DDR3 (2dimms) at 1067MHz
    500 GB 7200 RPM SATA drive
    4x Blu-ray Disc (reading – writing)
    ATI Mobility HD 1GB
    WLAN N series (3×3)
    FullHD Widescreen 16,0 inch
    ExpressCard sound Blaster (external)

    and much more only for 570 K.d. I was the previous day in Best Buy and saw half of that features for the same price..

    so I think even in the info-connect I would not get a deal like the above one..

    Man I will go for DELL definitely.. 🙂

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