Instant books by google

Now that’s interesting. Google will make Espresso Book Machine that can print and bind a library-quality paperback book with a full-color cover in about the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee. In a matter of minutes you can get a paperback book identical to one you can get in a store,” On Demand Books chief executive and co-founder Dane Neller said. “A 300-page book can be done in about four, four-and-a-half minutes.”

More than two million books in the public domain can be turned into instant paperbacks under a deal announced on Thursday between Google and the company behind a high-speed book-printing machine.

Google, which is scanning millions of out-of-copyright books as part of its controversial book project, signed an agreement with On Demand Books that will give the maker of the Espresso Book Machine access to public domain titles.

With the Google inventory the Espresso Book Machine will make it possible for readers everywhere to have access to millions of digital titles in multiple languages, including rare and out of print public domain titles.Espresso Book Machines are currently located in bookstores and libraries in more than a dozen locations in five countries — the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada and Egypt.


4 thoughts on “Instant books by google

  1. wow this is so cool!
    but does that also mean i can print out anything i like on the internet, or any Word document i have & have it printed out into a paperback book?
    i wonder how much it will cost…

    but u know, readers can still read digital books on devices like Kindle & the like, without having them printed out into books. but this is amazing still! it brings out the beauty of having a book “physically” in ur hands!


    -what do they mean by books of the public domain? – first line, second paragraph

    -what does books out-of-copyright mean? – first line, third paragraph

  2. public domain book is a free published book. digital or printed. That are published on the internet.

    books out-of-copyright is the same concept. Some writers just wana publish their work and dont mind others using their work. Like the ones you find in Google books with full text.

    And not everyone have a Kindle. And not every one like reading digital books. Other time its important to have a hard copy of a document for many reasons and purposes.

  3. thnk u so much for the info 😀

    sure regular books should never be underestimated 🙂 esp, when doing a project! omg, no matter how many open tabs/windows u have, the hard copies are waaaaay much useful!

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